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Quetico Provincial Park shore lunch

Serendipity in Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park in Canada is a place I can find serendipity, or it finds me, at some point during a week fishing and canoeing. In fact, there is usually a moment every day where something happens like a double rainbow with a bald eagle flying through them, swimming in a pool in the middle of a waterfall, waking up in the middle of the night to the call of nature and have the northern lights be your flashlight, seeing a moose, or catching a tasty walleye, bass, or northern pike.

Quetico Provinicial Park bull moose

Seeing a bull moose close up wading in a pool is definitely a dose of serendipity

Fly Icarus Fly is hosting another installment of the Travel Photo Roulette with this week’s theme being serendipity. Congratulations to Fly Icarus Fly for winning the 52nd installment of the blogger competition relay with his beautiful picture of a very interesting face.

The definition of serendipity is “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” This leaves a lot up to interpretation. For me, and those who love the outdoors, while fishing and canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park serendipity is like the first solution of any geometry problem: it is a given.

Quetico Provincial Park Louisa Falls

Wading in the Louisa Falls in Quetico Provincial Park

When you have clear crystalline blue water so pure you can drink it straight from the lake along with unspoiled fishing in the great northwoods of Ontario, Canada it is hard to go wrong.  The lead picture, and my entry for the competition, comes from the very heart of the park near the northern end of Lake Kawnipi.

This begs the question is it still serendipity if you know the development and occurrence of cool things will happen? I think the first rule of serendipity is you do not question it. You ride the good feeling and enjoy.

I caught a decent sized northern pike and a smallmouth bass in MacVicar Bay. I put them up on the rock for cleaning, and they soon became dinner. Fresh shore lunch in a wilderness setting with hardly anyone around is the definition of serendipity in my dictionary. As many people once said, and a good portion of that many were having fresh fish in the wilderness: “it doesn’t get any better than this.”

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