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Quetico moose

Quetico Bull Moose feeding in the pool

One of the entry points into Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada is through Silver Falls and up the Falls Chain, which is a great spot to see Quetico moose.  The Falls chain is aptly named as it consists of seven rapids or waterfalls that have to be portaged before the canoe trail empties into Lake Kawnipi.  It is a tough, but wonderful way to adventure travel.

Portaging consists of taking everything out of the canoe, carrying it on your back (canoe included), and then putting  it back in the boat on the other side.  The portages are anywhere from a couple of yards to almost a half mile.

The last portage on the falls chain is called Kenebis Falls.  At the other end of the falls is a pool.  A bull moose calls this area home or at least calls it his restaurant.  Twice I have seen him on the other end of the portage in the pond wading and eating.  My Dad has also seen him once on a trip that I was not on.

Quetico Bull Moose Canada

Quetico Bull Moose at Kennebis Falls

Although Quetico is a park that lacks a ton of visitors, certain canoe trails see a lot of traffic.  The Falls Chain is one of these areas.  The moose has obviously seen a lot of people and is not bothered by their presence.

Quetico Canada Bull Moose

This picture was not taken with the zoom

Quetico Bull Moose Canada

The moose dipped his whole head in the water looking for plants to eat

Quetico Bull Moose Canada

Bull Moose in the pool beyond Kennibis Falls

Kennibis Falls Quetico Provincial Park Canada

Here is a picture of the falls – Kennibis Falls Quetico Provincial Park Canada

Since he was neck deep in water he was not going anywhere, so it was easy to get somewhat close and take pictures.  I did not get too close and make him uncomfortable.  These pictures were taken with a 300mm zoom lens.

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