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Wisconsin River

There will be a lot of driving, but there will be also a lot of this

Next week I will embark on a Wisconsin road trip through the great state of Wisconsin primarily canoeing and drinking beer. This comes on the heels of being featured in Downtown Travelers post on bloggers favorite road trips.

Wisconsin River

Canoe along the Wisconsin River

I love strapping on a backpack and visiting several countries on a given trip. This is supreme adventure; however, I am just as happy jumping into the car with my hiking boots, camping gear, and canoe for a weekend or a week of outdoor adventure.

The trip will start on the Friday before Labor Day as I head to my favorite river in the world: the Wisconsin River to paddle three days with my Dad. There is nothing like the Wisconsin River anywhere and it features the best canoe camping in the Midwest, the country, and possibly the world.

Wisconsin River camping

Wisconsin River camping on the sandbars is a great time

Wisconsin River Outings will help me keep the canoe momentum going. I will take out on the Wisconsin and immediately head up state, but not far. Only a few short miles from my take out, the Kickapoo River drains into the Wisconsin. I will be shuttled up river 20 miles to Steuben, Wisconsin and paddle twenty miles solo to where the Kickapoo meets the Wisconsin in Wauzeka.

I will say goodbye to the Lower Wisconsin River Valley on Wednesday and head north to another river valley. The Chippewa River Valley in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin is home to the Chippewa River and Leinenkugel’s Brewery.


Hanging with John Leinenkugel in Chicago

I have worked with the good people of Leinenkugel’s when they have ventured down to Chicago to promote the need to clean the Chicago River with the Leinenkugel’s Friendly Float. Now I will journey to them and tour the brewery and check out where this great beer is made. If time permits, I will also check out what the local area adventure scene is like.

Canoeing Chicago River

Canoeing into Chicago via the Chicago River

From Chippewa Falls, I will head north to Douglas County, Wisconsin to canoe the Brule River with Brule River Canoe Rental. The Brule River has been called “the River of Presidents,” due to the fact that Presidents Grant, Cleveland, Hoover, and Eisenhower have in the past visited the river and the area. I look forward to adventuring in the footsteps of past presidents.

brule river, wisconsin

Brule River, Wisconsin @ jwartman59 Flickr

I will be publishing reports from this fun trip mainly on my Wisconsin outdoor blog, Wisconsin Outside, but I am sure a post or two will find its way here as well. I will also be posting updates on Facebook, twitter, and instagram.


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