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Mangy dog Thailand

Wat a mangy dog in front of a temple in Chiang Mai

Two distinct memories of Thailand are centered around the intricate design found in their beautiful temples and the proliferation of the mangy dog. This picture illustrates both at the same time. This post also promises to be the last time I use this bad pun.  Click the link on “beautiful temples to see the first.

The elaborate golden design found in the Thailand wat’s or temples is extraordinary. It is a sight you never get tired of. There are hundreds of temples in Bangkok and Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai.

There are also hundreds of mangy dogs roaming around. It is a sight I could do without. It is tough for dog lovers to see a plethora of flea ridden dogs roaming around the streets and the countryside. They seem to be well fed, but most could definitely use a dog makeover.


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