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Puebla Mexico

The ingredients laid out for the mole poblano in the beautiful kitchen at the Mesones Sacristía culinary school

There has been over 350 posts on Traveling Ted dealing with adventure and  travel – none to this point have been about cooking. There has been a post or two about food as this is an adventure we all deal with. Everyone has to eat, but this is the first post on cooking.

Puebla, Mexico is the birthplace of the famed mole poblano sauce. Thanks to an invitation from the Mexico Tourism Bureau, I was able to not only visit and eat the tasty sauce, but also lend a hand in cooking it. Here are some photos of this adventure.

Mesones Sacristía Restaurant Puebla

The beautiful pink paintwork in the Mesones Sacristía Culinary School

Please check out my post on Traveldudes for a narrative of the escapade at Mesones Sacristia Restaurant in Puebla:

 A Culinary Adventure at Mesones Sacristía Featuring Mole Poblano

I am not sure, but I think it may be the first time Beavis and Butthead have found their way into travel blogging.

mole pablano Puebla

You have to love a sauce with shaved chocolate in it

Puebla mole pablano

Frying the chiles – Check out the lovely Talavera tile around the oven

Puebla Mexico cooking

Having a blast frying the chilis

Mole Pablano in Puebla

The Art of Backpacking taking on the art of cooking under the watchful eye of Chef Alonso

Puebla Mexico culinary school

Time to burn the tortillas

Mesones Sacristía Culinary School

The Active Explorer actively helping Chef Alonso with the mole poblano sauce

Chef Alonso Mesones Sacristía

Straining the mole poblano sauce at Mesones Sacristía

Puebla Mexico chalupas

Frying chalupas at Mesones Sacristía Culinary school

Puebla Mexico cooking

Of course it is important to photograph all steps

Mole Pablano Puebla

Time to taste the delicacy on some chicken served with a shot of mezcal

This trip was sponsored by the Mexico Tourism Board. The post, opinions, and photos are entirely my own.

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