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Maracas Beach Trinidad

The flip flop used to be a beach only footwear, but thanks to the Teva bomber flip, a flip flop exists with more mobility – Maracas Beach, Trinidad & Tobago

Teva bomber flips offer more mobility for those who love the comfortable flip flop. Flips are a great piece of travel footwear especially when the adventure is over, and you want to relax in casual comfort. The only problem with them is they have their limitations if you find you have to go for an extended walk. Teva takes care of this problem by ingeniously inventing a strap that goes over the top of your foot to give a little more mobility to the awkward flip flop.

How many times have you been at the beach and an opportunity arose where you had to go somewhere interesting, and you said, “I only have flip flops.” This either kills the adventure opportunity or you have to make a special trip back to home base to get more appropriate walking shoes.

Teva bomber flip

A simple clasp over the top of the foot allows travelers more mobility, so they can easily walk off the beach

The strap over the top of the foot secures the sandals just enough to make a medium length walks manageable. I would not want to hike in the bomber flips, but they work well for any promenade in the half mile range.

All Teva products that I have ever owned are made with superior quality. I have been wearing Teva sandals for over 25 years and have always been greatly pleased with how long the sandals have lasted. I recently acquired a pair of Teva Riva hiking boots, and I am finding out they are awesome too.

The bomber flips are extremely comfortable with a shoc pad where the heel hits providing extra comfort. They have both a nice gripping tread and a comfortable feel on top where the foot meets. The straps are securely fastened to the shoe. Every Teva sandal I have ever had lasted over five years with heavy use, and I am confident the bomber flip will last the same.

A great place to use the bomber flips, and travelers will appreciate this, is through security at the airport. So far, we have not had any sandal bombers although we now have the bomber flips. Despite the name, they arouse no suspicion going through the long lines, although I would not advise making any jokes or telling anyone in security you are wearing bomber flips.

Teva bomber flips security

Security is a little less of a hassle with the bomber flips

The bomber flips are simple to take off, place in the security bins, and then put back on after going through the scanner. No longer do you have to tediously sit down and take off shoes or boots and then five minutes later strap them on again. If you are running late, eliminating this simple procedure could be a life saver.

Even if it was cold out, I would recommend throwing these sandals in just to go through security alone. It is always one temperature in the airport and you can change into warmer shoes when you get your bags.

Teva bomber flips in the airport

Relaxing in the airport with comfortable bomber flips on

One reason why many people never wear sandals to the airport is they have to walk long distances through the airport when making connections. On a recent trip to Mexico, I had a half mile walk in Houston to catch my next flight. Thanks to the bomber flip strap, the walk was no problem.

Bomber flip pluses:

  • Can be worn anywhere sandals are worn like the beach, short walks in nice weather, outside outings like sporting events and concerts, and great camp shoes after the adventure.


  • They have more mobility thanks to the strap, so travelers can use them for slightly more adventurous things than being on the beach.


  • They are also perfect for travelers going through security at the airport.


  • All Teva products are made with incredible quality and the bomber flip is no exception.


One bomber flip caveat

With every shoe you should make sure it is properly broke in and your foot accustomed to the feel before going on vacation. The same holds true with the bomber flip. The strap that goes over your foot rubs against a part of the foot which is usually not used to contact. If you wear the sandal a lot without getting used to it, the strap will cut into the top of your foot. Gradually let your foot get used to the strap before going on any trip.

This post was sponsored by Teva Sandal. The sandal was a complimentary gift. In return, I could write a review of the product. The positive review is my own opinion after wearing the sandal at home and recently in Puebla, Mexico. The post, opinions, pictures, and idea of wearing through security are entirely my own.

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