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I just returned from an epic run on the Peshtigo River whitewater rafting thanks to Wildman Ranch. Water levels were perfect as the water was raging. Over the next week I will be posting videos, pictures, and posts regarding the awesome trip.

Peshtigo River taken from the Wildman Ranch

Peshtigo River taken from the Wildman Ranch

Adventure on the Peshtigo

Adventure travel is all about getting the adrenaline up and just having fun and that was done today in spades. Hitting some of these rapids at this water level was intense. Luckily, I did not spill once thanks to Nick and his tremendous guide work and instruction.

Below is the first video from the run, but it is merely a tease. The first part of the stretch of water we took today went through some rock gardens and class I rapids, which is where I captured this video segment. The last stretch is through class III, and I will be highlighting those videos later in the week.

Learning to use the GoPro

I definitely learned a lesson on using the Go Pro with this trip. There are various camera mounts available, and I am particularly excited about the chest strap. I think the chest strap will be an awesome point of view for cross-country skiing; however, this is not the case with white water rafting.

A helmet mount with the video camera pointed downward would be the best angle for rafting. As you can see the star of this video shoot is my feet; nevertheless, the clip does bring the viewer at almost water level as the raft slices through the rapids, which is cool. The video angle also captures the phenomenal scenery and the fact that it was a beautiful day.

Another problem with the chest strap is my arms get in the way too much. It is a live and learn experience, and the next time I raft I will have a better idea on how to mount the camera.

Check out the Wildman Ranch website for more information.


My whitewater tour on the Peshtigo was complimentary. Despite this fact, it does not impact this post as I am just chronicling my adventure. My views, opinions, photos, and video are my own.

Adventure on!

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