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There is something about the wide open spaces found in the American West that are synonymous with the spirit of travel.  The greatest of American explorers and travelers were Lewis and Clark.  They traveled up the Missouri River in order to explore the Louisiana Purchase and report back what they found.

spirit of the west - Badlands National Park

Sage Creek Basin – Badlands National Park captures the spirit of the west

Spirt of the west

We can only imagine the wonders that they witnessed as they were the first white men to see the unspoiled wilderness of places like Yellowstone and the Pacific Northwest.  They saw herds of buffalo that stretched over the horizon like wildebeest on migration across the Serengeti.

Unfortunately, later, these herds were indiscriminately slaughtered by our ancestors in a war against the American Indian almost to the point of extinction.  Now we can only witness this splendor of what the American West once was at a few pockets like Yellowstone, the Badlands, and Custer State Park.  Sage Creek Basin is the subject of this photo from the Badlands National Park.

Custer State Park

Warning sign at Custer State Park in South Dakota

Signs at these parks warn visitors not to approach bison too closely as they can be aggressive and ornery.  They must have a chip on their shoulder since we shot millions of their ancestors.

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