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Discover boating fishing BWCA

Discover boating this Father’s Day

As Memorial Day approaches it is time to make plans to get out on the water and discover boating. A great time and a great person to go boating with is with your Father on Father’s Day. Thinking of Father’s Day and boating reminds me of a time fishing with my dad in the Boundary […]

Mosquito per beam

Mosquito per beam calculation revolutionizes by quantifying

Before the mosquito per beam calculation When someone asked you how the mosquitoes were on your latest camping trip, how did you reply? Probably you said something like this: “they were awful,” or “they were horrendous,” or perhaps “they sucked,” and if you were lucky you might have said “they were not bad.” What do […]

bald eagle photo essay

4th of July bald eagle photo essay

If you have been following me on Facebook, you have seen that it has been bald eagle week in honor of our nation’s symbol. If you don’t, no worries because all of the pictures will be posted here again. Most of the pictures come from either the Wisconsin River or Quetico Provincial Park. Eagles are […]

Quetico campfire

A Quetico campfire on Lake Kawnipi

After a great day fishing, canoeing, or traveling in Quetico Provincial Park, the best part of the day is enjoying the campfire with the beautiful lake in the background. Campfires are such a soothing experience and bring us back to simpler times and put us in touch with our ancestors. This photo comes from a […]