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Growing up camping, there is one thing I learned from my dad. Never go on a camping trip without an adventure whiskey flask. A Stanley flask would be an ideal choice. Many of the places we camped would not allow bottles and a carrying a cooler full of beer over a half mile portage in Minnesota or Canada is just not practical.

Father son stanley flask

Father son selfie in Quetico Provincial Park – No bottles allowed here – Wish we had a Stanley flask

Therefore, the flask was an essential part of our camping and campfire experience. We used titanium fuel bottles to put our Old Granddad in. Of course, I could not drink until was 21. I looked forward to my first trip with the family when I returned from college and attained the legal age.

It finally happened on a trip to Quetico. I will never forget the day when my dad handed me a fuel bottle filled with Old Granddad. It was a definite rite of passage.

Father son Quetico

Father son starting off a trip in Quetico – A definite Stanley flask wilderness

While the fuel bottle was practical it did have two problems, first of all you did not want to mistake the fuel bottle for the whiskey bottle. Secondly, the old fuel bottle was not the most esthetically beautiful camping piece. Another problem is the fuel bottles were big and bulky. The big fuel bottle did not carry well for smaller trips and on longer trips one might want a smaller reserve if the one big bottle was not enough.

Enter the Stanley Flask

Enter the Stanley flask or the Stanley adventure flask. It is sleek, durable, light weight, and nice looking. Most campers will say they do not care about how an object looks when camping as long as it is useful. This may be true, but I am sure they would rather take an attractive design over the alternative.

Stanley Father's Day gifts

Trio of Stanley Products including the Stanley flask

 On the other end of the adventure liquid spectrum is what you drink and how you drink it in the morning. For most people, this beverage of choice is coffee. Stanley has you covered on this front awell with a durable 16 oz mug.

Is your dad a coffee freak and 16 oz is not enough? Or are you going to join him for a morning fishing trip and need to carry some coffee to keep you going? Stanley also has a thermos to keep you both covered until you are ready to hit the adventure flask again.

Stanley has the perfect container to keep you going all day and night while you and your dad are on your next adventure.
Let’s face it, dad’s are hard to shop for. I have been giving mine gift cards for years. Gift cards are always welcome, but sometimes you want to step up and get a gift that they will enjoy and use and that matters. That is why the Stanley line is a great gift. Most dads love their coffee and love to tug on a nice shot of whiskey around the campfire. They will enjoy it even more if that drink came in the form of a heartfelt gift from their son or daughter.

Stanley products are built for life. Whether it’s surviving another outdoor adventure or serving as a reliable must-have for tailgating season – Stanley provides top quality outdoor gear.

Stanley products featured on Eddie Bauer this Father’s Day:

– Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle (1.4QT) – green
– Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug (either the 12oz, 16oz, or 20oz) – green
– Stanley Adventure Flask (8oz) – green

Thank you to Stanley Brand for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try the perfect gifts for the adventurer this Father’s Day.