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Santorini is perhaps one of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands if not one of the most beautiful islands in the world. This beautiful island measures only around 12 miles long and 7 miles wide at its widest location. It is easy to get around the island by bus, taxi, and even walking, but one can see much more in a quicker amount of time through a car rental Santorini. One does not need to rent a car for your whole stay – just one day will do.

Car rental Santorini

Car rental Santorini gets you to places like Akrotiri Lighthouse in under an hour

Car Rental Santorini through my hotel in Oia

I stayed at Finikia Memories Hotel in Oia, Santorini. This was a beautiful spot only a short walk to the center of Oia. They arranged for a car rental for the day, and it only cost $45.00. The car rental Santorini company delivered the car to the hotel and the dude drove his bike back to the office. It was very convenient. The car was tiny, but it was perfect for maneuvering the tight corners I found while exploring the island. Holiday ideas from this tool can also provide helpful tips.

Car rental Santorini

My cute little car in the village of Pyrgos

First stop – Akrotiri Lighthouse

I would recommend starting your journey at Akrotiri Lighthouse. It is the farthest spot away from Oia at the very southwestern point of the island. Then you can make your way back to Oia and hit other spots along the way. Santorini is one of those places where there is not a bad view wherever you are on the island. Since the island is so small, there is an ocean view or a view of a beautiful church no matter where you find yourself. In my opinion, the most outstanding view, outside the sunsets, is the view from the Akrotiri Lighthouse.

Akrotiri Lighthouse Santorini

Amazing view from the Akrotiri Lighthouse

The lighthouse itself is pretty cool, but the view of the ocean from the cliffs below the lighthouse is simply amazing. The water is a deep cobalt blue. Many people prefer the aqua colored water the Caribbean, but the pure beauty of the water of the Aegean Sea from Santorini is hard to beat.

Akrotiri Lighthouse

One forgets there is an actual lighthouse at Akrotiri

Second stop – The Read Beach

It will be a challenge to pry your eyes from Akrotiri, but after 30 pictures and endless gawking, one must eventually pull themselves away and continue with the journey. Fortunately, the scenery only takes a slight dip when you head to the Red Beach. Aptly named for the color of the rock outcropping hovering over the beach, the Red Beach also has fantastic views of the Aegean Sea. It would be a nice place for a dip, but I was there in late March, so it was a little cool for swimming. It is not a long walk to the beach from the parking lot. In fact, all of the places did not involve a lot of walking. If walking is your thing, then you need to hike the trail from Oia to Fira.

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There is an archaeological site close the Red Beach for the ancient City of Akrotiri. Unfortunately, it was closed on the Monday that I tried to visit. I think it is now open on Mondays, but I was there as the country was beginning to open up after Covid-19.

Red Beach Santorini

Red Beach Santorini

Third stop – Pyrgos

The waiter at my hotel told me that Pyrgos was a worthwhile stop. The towns of Oia and Fira are tourist Meccas that have swarms of tourists. A car rental can provide the opportunity to enjoy a more laid back village that is not so crowded yet equally picturesque. Pyrgos had some beautiful white and blue churches and some nice restaurants. I had lunch here and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pyrgos Santorini Greece

Lovely Pyrgos

Fourth stop – Ancient Thera

Hoping to get at least some Ancient Greek history into my tour after the failure at Akrotiri, I set forth to find Ancient Thera. I drove up an incredibly steep narrow road that switched back several times. After getting to the top, I was once again told the place was closed. It appears it should have been open, but I think the lady wanted to go home and decided to close the entrance. At least I was able to enjoy the views of the mountain pass and the views over the ocean.

Ancient Thera

Car rental Santorini to get to Ancient Thera

Some of the best memories was just driving

Some of the best memories from this day was just the amazing views while driving. The roads in Santorini are winding and fun to drive, but when every road has the deep blue Aegean Sea in the background, that just made the experience sublime. Coming across random amazing churches in the countryside was definitely another highlight.

Church Santorini

Random church along some road in Santorini – Hope you find it.

Car Rental Santorini to visit these out of the way spots

Santorini is famous for wine tours, sunsets, and the beautiful white and blue churches found in Oia and Fira. It is easy to join a tour or even walk these spots to get those coveted Instagram photos; however, these out of the way spots are also worth seeing. A car rental Santorini is the most convenient way to visit these spots and will make for a memorable one day adventure.

Adventure on!