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San Francisco is found at the heart of Northern California and is the second most populated city in America after the US. The town became famous in 1849 as the home of, by then, the West Coast’s largest city, the Californian Gold Rush. San Francisco is well known for its restaurants and excellent chefs.

Things to do in San Francisco

Top things to do in San Francisco

Here are some of the best things to see and do in San Francisco:

Top things to do in San Francisco

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is between Marin County and San Francisco Bay. The world-famous bridge opened in 1937 is among the world’s modern wonders. Its total length is 1.7 miles, and it is made from steel. The bridge has six traffic lanes which carry millions of people yearly.

See the Millennium Tower

The tower is the tallest and most expensive residential building in San Francisco. Visit the blue-gray glass building to enjoy a spectacular view from the 58-story building and a unique architecture. Recently, it has been in the spotlight also for a few technical issues, as it appears that the Millennium Tower is sinking into the ground, just like the Tower of Pisa.

San Francisco

Things to do in San Francisco

Explore the Castro

The Castro is among the first gay neighborhoods in America and grew to be LGBT’s community symbol of hope. The iconic neighborhood stays to be an amazing and vibrant place to take a trip to. The Castro is home to the LGBT history museum and Castro Theatre, which will both be worth the visit. It is also home to Pink Triangle Memorial Park, a place dedicated in memory of the persecutions occurred in Europe during World War II.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Take a trip to the Botanical garden in San Francisco and enjoy the smell of the magnolias. The botanical garden is about 55 acres of the most beautiful and magical flora and fauna in the world. Take a walk in the garden, which is popular for its magnolia collection.

Hike The Twin Peaks

A world-famous tourist attraction in San Francisco is the Twin Peaks. Hike the Twin Peaks to enjoy an amazing view of the Bay. The twin peaks stand at 922 feet and are next to each other. As you hike to the top of the peaks, there are plenty of plants and animals you will get to explore on your way.

Redwood National Park

Wikimedia Creative Commons – By Michael Schweppe –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

See the Redwood Trees

Two hundred forty acres of Golden Gate National Recreation Center found on Mount Tamalpais is parked full of redwood trees. There was a time when California had about two million acres full of redwood trees before they were cut down. Currently, the park of redwood trees has many trails with varying difficulties that will help you enjoy your day out. However, it is a picnic and dog-free zone.

Visit Alcatraz

Alcatraz island is a tiny island found 1.5 miles from San Francisco. Alcatraz was developed as a federal prison, military prison, and military fortification. It was most popular as a federal prison from 1933 to 1963. A federal prison was developed on this Island for prisoners who kept causing trouble continuously they were brought here. Infamous prisoners like Franklin Stroud and Al Capone were locked up here. Today the Island is a major tourist attraction where people get to explore the prison’s depth.

Have you ever been to San Francisco? What was your favorite site to visit, and what did you love most about it?

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