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Texas is a big place with a lot of wide open spaces. The large natural areas make it a perfect location for a hiking trip. Depending on the hiking adventure you want, Texas has various terrains you can tramp on. However, the empty landscape can also be dangerous. If you wish for your hiking adventure to be safe and fun, here are some tips that should help.

Texas hiking trip

Beautiful Big Bend National Park

Texas hiking trip – Plan properly

An effective way to ensure a safe hiking trip is to plan for it properly. There are several components to a perfect hiking plan. First, you need to know where you are hiking. Have paper maps of the location while you do an initial study of them. This approach ensures that you will always have a map instead of only depending on the GPS. The second part of proper hiking planning is a set itinerary you share with people at home. When your friends and family know your plans, they know better when to call in for a rescue or how to look for you. For example, if you tell your family you plan a two-day hike and do not contact them on the last day, they will know something is wrong.

Big Bend National Park

Texas hiking trip – Big Bend National Park

Get some insurance

The right time for buying travel insurance is before you go on hiking. Many assume that travel insurance is only for trips abroad. However, depending on the plan, your coverage can significantly help when you need medical treatment because of a hiking accident. Some plans even cover helicopter rescue fees. The Texas outdoors can be pretty wild, and helicopter retrieval may be the best option for quickly taking you to a hospital. It would be expensive to pay for it from your savings.

Texas hiking trip – Pack the essentials

Hiking is much safer if you can pack the right essentials. The extreme heat makes water the most critical item to bring. After all, you need proper hydration, especially if you exert a lot of effort. Depending on how much water you need, you might have to use a bladder or bottle. Besides water, you need some food to keep your energy up. Choose food that is light and easy to prepare. You might even have ready-to-eat snacks in Ziplock bags.

Besides food and water, you will need some basic medical supplies. Sunscreen will protect your skin from damage. You do not want to be hiking with sunburn. Additionally, first aid can be a big help in ensuring you are in good condition. Some disinfectants, bandages, and essential medication can keep you going until you get real medical help. Finally, you will want some way to contact people. While cell phones don’t have coverage, a satellite phone might be able to help.

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Final thoughts

A hiking adventure can be a memorable experience. However, it will take proper planning to ensure it is as safe as possible. The tips above should help to make your vacation a great time.