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Charleston, South Carolina has long been a popular tourist spot on the Eastern seaboard. Recently, it has received a surge of relocations.  The reason for this is its vibrant culture, warm atmosphere, and more. Here are the big reasons why people love coming to Charleston.

Coming to Charleston

Sullivan’s Island South Carolina – Wikimedia Creative Commons – By Lee Keadle –, CC BY 1.0,

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Why People are coming to Charleston

The Beaches

Charleston is best known for its extraordinary area beaches. They are located only 45 minutes from the historic downtown. These beaches include Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Folly Beach, Edisto Beach, Seabrook Island, and more. The beautiful, adventurous, and carefree seaside life is a big reason that so many people travel to Charleston in the winter months. Furthermore, the clarity of the water and brightness of the sands are memorize visitors and locals alike. 

The Dining

The culinary world of Charleston is actively evolving, due to the influx of new folks coming to the city from other states and even countries. Moreover, there is something to suit everyone’s taste buds in Charleston. Whether it be the smothered pork chops and oxtails you can get at Bertha’s restaurant, the fried fish at Nigel’s Good Food, or the enormous roast beef sandwich at the Butcher & Bee. One will never run out of tasty cuisines in this vibrant city.

Coming to Charleston Palmetto Island Park

Why people are coming to Charleston – Wikimedia Creative Commons – By Brian Stansberry – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

The Nature

Charleston has plenty of unique offerings when it comes to immersing yourself in nature. Aside from the gorgeous beaches, there are numerous expansive parks with varying amenities. James Island County Park is a sprawling 643 acres and includes trails, boat rentals, and much more. Palmetto Islands County Park is even bigger at 943 acres! This park offers hiking trails, picnic spots, paddleboarding, and more. 

The Festivals

This fun-loving and diverse city is known for some of the largest festivals ever held in the South. The Annual Oyster Festival, SEWE Festival, Festival of Lights, and Spoleto Fest are all held in the historic city of Charleston. Charleston hosts some of the most vibrant music festivals in the nation including the Jazz Festival, Color of Music, and Low Country Jazz Festival. 

Fort Sumter South Carolina

Fort Sumter, South Carolina. The start of the Civil War – Wikimedia Creative Commons – By Brian Stansberry – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

The History

Charleston has not only a rich cultural atmosphere, but also a history steeped in the evolution and development of America through many centuries of war and reform. It was the original seat of the provincial congress in 1775, and was a significant location in the ongoing battles and political maneuvers during the civil war. Numerous museums display artifacts and information pertaining to Charleston’s history, including The Charleston Museum and Old Slave Mart Museum. 

The Architecture

Anyone who is in love with historic architecture would fit right in here! Charleston boasts over 2,500 historical buildings still standing. They representing eight distinct architectural and design eras including Georgian, Colonial, Gothic Revival, Art Deco, and more. If you’re looking for apartments in charleston sc, it could be that a historic building has been transformed into a multi-unit residence and you could live in one of these extraordinary landmarks.

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