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Memorial Day is the official beginning of the summer, so the summer camping season is right ahead of us. It is time to upgrade your camping equipment and one of the most important aspect of the camping portfolio is a trusty light source. Let Vont light up your summer campsite.

Vont light up

I will have a plate full of Vont please

Head start on summer camping with a Vont light up Spring Break

I got a head start on the summer camping season with a week long trip to Missouri, which included a two night canoe camping trip on the Eleven Point River. I tried out Vont’s ultimate survival kit, which includes two headlamps, two flashlights, and two lanterns.

All three products get an enthusiastic thumbs up.  I have never felt so at ease in the dark. I wore the headlamp, put the flashlight in one of the pockets in my camp chair, and set up the lanterns between the campfire and my tent. Usually, I only bring one headlamp, but I am now hooked on this set up.

vont Ultimate survival kit

All three Vont products lighting up my home

Vont has exceptional quality

I was also blown away by the quality of each product. Just looking at them and touching them, you could tell they were top quality. They are not made of cheap plastic. Instead they are drop proof and come with a lifetime warranty. I have purchased headlamps and flashlights before that you could tell were made from flimsy plastic and would not last more than a couple of camping seasons.


Military grade flashlight

The most important aspect of any light though is the actual quality and strength of the beam. The headlamps feature a 200-lumens LEDs for top notch illumination. Powered by 30 LEDs, the lanterns are just as powerful. The military grade handheld flashlights are just as potent and one can zoom in and out to make a narrower or broader swath of light.

Perfect weight and size for camping

Most flashlights with a broad beam are bulky and troublesome when packing for a camp outing. The Vont Ultimate Survival Kit is anything but. Vont features a sleek design, relatively lightweight, and easily storable items. Every space counts when packing for a canoe camping trip, and the Vont flashlights fit into my equipment pack like a falling piece of tetris.

Vont light up

Vont lantern lighting up the night

The lanterns are especially cool and turn on automatically when you pull up on the handle and expose the lights. They turn off just as easily when you fold it back down. Once folded, the lanterns fit comfortably in any pack or compartment.

Vont lantern

I love these Vont lanterns

Looking forward to a Vont light up summer

While enjoying a campfire and a full moon on the Eleven Point, I had plenty of light to spare with a Vont headlamp over my head, a military grade flashlight near my hand, and two lanterns strategically situated on my way to the tent.

Missouri camping

Enjoying a campfire and a full moon knowing I have plenty of light in reserve.

Tonight I was stationary and just chilling by the fire. Thoughts swirled around my head about future night adventures armed with this survival kit. This set up will definitely make any night adventure safer and easier. I am looking forward to some night fishing, night canoeing, and night hiking holding a Vont lantern and flashlight.

Have a great camping summer

Surrounded by all this illumination, a light went off in my head. I foresaw a great camping summer. One that would definitely take me out of this year of darkness. I cannot wait for another summer of adventurous camping and look forward to Vont lighting it up. I think you should do the same. Check out their website here.

If you prefer to buy the items separately, check out the links below:




Adventure on!