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We all know how easy it is to get sick while traveling. Lack of sleep from long drives, close proximity to germs on an airplane, and fueling up with junk food to save time can all contribute to feeling not so good while on the road. Whether you’re traveling for work or for fun, you want to feel your best so you can focus on all the things you want to accomplish. You won’t be able to hike for hours or give a great presentation if you’re feeling under the weather. Here are a few tips to stay healthy while traveling.

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Even laying down a mattress on the floor is better than going without sleep

Stay healthy by resting up

As a general rule in life, it’s important to get enough sleep. While it’s not always possible to get your eight hours, you’re likely to feel pretty disgusting if the only sleep you’ve had is in sitting in an airport or sitting upright on a train. If you’re traveling by car, you might be tempted to save money by napping in your car at rest stops along the way, but you’ll feel a lot healthier and well-rested if you spring for a cheap motel for the night.

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If you’re traveling with companions who like to stay out late and party, it can be really hard to stick to a strict sleep schedule. However, if you’re looking to get the most out of your days and still have energy to get back to work when you get home, it’s totally okay to take a few nights off. While your friends will be checking out the sights while hungover, you’ll be taking it all in with a clear head and an abundance of energy.

One of these syringes is full of the flu vaccine and it went into my arm right after this photo

Fight off germs

Whether you’re flying, traveling by train, or hopping in and out of taxis and Ubers, you will be exposed to plenty of germs along your journey. It’s important to take measures to keep those germs at bak so you can stay healthy while traveling and upon your return home. There’s nothing worse than missing work for a week to travel just to have to take off more time when you get home to nurse a cold. Before you head out on your next journey, be sure to get your flu shot. You should also stock up on immune-boosting products such as Emergen-C.

In addition, if there are any medications you take regularly, make sure to pack these as well. Keep hand sanitizer on you at all times while traveling and be sure to wash your hands with soap and water if possible. And, of course, if you already have a cold, be considerate of those around you who don’t want to get sick on their vacation.

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Don’t forget to eat some delicious fruit wherever your travels may bring you

Eat well

It can be easy to eat junk while on the road, especially if you’re traveling for work. When adhering to a tight schedule, it seems pretty simple to pick up fast food in the airport or just drown yourself in coffee all day. Eating healthy will not only boost your immune system but it’ll also help you stay energized and feeling your best, instead of groggy and bloated. If you’re traveling by car for a personal reason, such as to visit a sick relative or check out Banff homes for sale, you might be under a lot of stress and won’t have much of an appetite. It’s still important to stay hydrated and keep yourself nourished under these circumstances. Pack along some breakfast bars or trail mix to you can get some protein in your diet and food in your stomach.

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