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Dubai is known as one of the most modern cities in the world with opulent malls, dazzling malls, and eye-popping skyscrapers. Despite the city’s urban reputation, it is still possible to step outside the bright lights and find adventure. If this post perked your interest to visit Dubai, then Get Dubai visa online. Once you are cleared on the Visa front, then check out these five Dubai outdoor adventures.

Five Dubai outdoor adventures

Ski Dubai leads of the five Dubai outdoor adventures although it is technically indoors – Wikimedia Creative Commons – By Mofsound at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,

Five Dubai Outdoor Adventures

Alpine skiing

The first is actually an indoor-outdoor adventure. Dubai boosts an indoor ski resort at the Mall of the Emirates. This is one of the largest malls in the world. It is the only one I know that has indoor ski runs. The ski runs here are no joke. They have the only indoor black diamond run in the world. A snow park play area lies adjacent to the ski runs that offer sled and toboggan runs.

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Hot air balloon over the desert

One beautiful way to enjoy the desert landscape outside the city is hover slowly over it in a hot air balloon. Watch endless dunes pass below, see Bedouins traversing across the landscape like in Lawrence of Arabia, and watch an incredible sunset or sunrise from above.

Dubai sunset

Five Dubai outdoor adventures – Enjoy a sunset on a camel trek – Wikimedia Creative Commons – By Steven Lek – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Camel trek safari

The best way to experience the desert is on top of a camel because walking on the sand for long distances is tough. Let a beast of burden do the dirty work and free yourself up for just enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.  If you are lucky, you might spot some desert wildlife like an Arabian oryx. Camel treks can be half day affairs or you can combine with a Bedouin tent camping experience. Camping out under the desert stars is definitely a bucket list item.

Deep sea fishing

Dubai is not only on the dessert, but it is also on the ocean, so it opens up both desert and water adventures. Charter a boat or jump on a tour and catch barracudas. A deep-sea fishing experience has an added bonus of experiencing the Dubai skyline from the water. Seeing a city skyline is best experienced on a boat.

Diving and snorkeling

There are no outstanding reefs to snorkel or dive around, but there is some decent dive and snorkel areas along the coast. You will see tons of fish and if you are lucky, a turtle or two. For a unique diving experience, head to the aquarium in the Dubai Mall. Dubai has to be the only place in the world that offers indoor downhill skiing and indoor diving.

Dubai may not be the epicenter of outdoor adventure, but if you are visiting and looking for something different outside shopping in the mall, or doing other urban touristy things, then check out this list of five outdoor adventures.

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