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So, you’re heading off on your first backpacking adventure? That’s incredible! With so much to look forward to and to get ready for it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed with the enormity of the task ahead. No need to worry. Here you will find 8 things everyone should do before they travel.

Amazon River Leticia

8 things people should do before they travel and take that photo out the plane window

Good luck!

8 things everyone should do before they travel

Invest in additional SD cards

Invest in additional SD cards and portable hard drives for all those incredible pictures and videos you’re going to take! No one wants to run out of storage space on their smart device. After all, you’ll want plenty of images to print off when you get back home. You could even order some collage prints. so make sure you do plenty of research into a SD card or hard drive that will perfectly match your requirements.

Santa Elena rainbows

Bring some rain gear if you are visiting a rainforest

Check the local weather

Check the local weather before you pack. The weather can change in an instant. This is true at home or abroad, but by checking the weather at your destination in advance, you’ll have a better idea of what to pack. That extra pair of flip flops might not be needed if inclement weather is forecast for two weeks…

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Ask for advice

Perhaps you have a relative that’s traveled where you’re headed. Maybe you have friends who are experienced travelers. If so, don’t be afraid to get some advice about what to pack and what to expect. You’ll also find plenty of helpful travel blogs like this one!

Traveling Ted

Do not over do it, but plan what needs to be planned

Plan the parts that need to be planned

Plan the parts that need to be planned: Traveling is all about freedom and not sticking to a rigid schedule. However there will need to be some elements of organisation and planning if you want things to go smoothly. Book your flights, accommodation and activities well in advance, especially if you’re planning on visiting a backpacking hotspot where queues and people are everywhere…

Chiang Mai Thailand travel trip

Backup your document so you can relax on your travels

Backup your documents

Get backups of your documents: Take photographs of all your travel documents including your passport, your VISA and photo IDs and then email a copy of them to yourself. You could also photocopy these items, so you have a hard copy too. Keep them in a separate area of your backpack and if anything does go wrong, you’ll be so glad you did.

Download entertainment

Download plenty of new music: or maybe an audiobook or two. There are moments in your adventures where you’re going to be stuck at the airport or on a particularly long bus journey, so make sure you have something to keep your mind entertained.

Eagle Ridge Resort mother's day

Have to let mom know where you are

Let your family and friends know your plans

Let your family and friends know where you’ll be: this doesn’t have to be a strict itinerary, remember travelling is all about not sticking to a rigid schedule, however, give them a vague idea of what you’re planning and where you’ll be going, that way they’ll know when to expect to hear from you.

Research the dos and don’ts

Research the Do’s and Don’ts of your destination: Perhaps there is a certain area of the city that backpackers should avoid, or a traditional custom or dress code that everyone should adhere to – do plenty of research before you travel so you know what to expect.

Adventure on!

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