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Scandinavia is a beautiful place that has become a very popular tourist spot.  It has snow-covered mountain peaks, dense green forests and many spots that have a rich historical linkage.  Tourists visit from all over the world to experience all the natural wonders. The weather is usually great and so are the people. There are many parks, castles, lakes, and mountains that are very famous in Scandinavia. There are many festivals that take place throughout the year and the very popular Aurora Borealis can be seen from Scandinavia at night.  If you find some good Scandinavian tours, they can take you to see some of the best spots in Scandinavia. If you are in doubt about whether to visit, here are some reasons why Scandinavia is becoming a preferred tourist spot:

Scandanavia tourist hotspot

An example why Scandanavia is a tourist hotspot

The beautiful natural phenomena

Tourists come from all over the world to experience the unusual and beautiful sights of the dancing Northern lights in the night sky. These are best viewed in Norway. Another wonder of nature, the midnight sun can be found at North Cape (the sun shows up at midnight if the weather conditions are good, it stays up for 24 hours). That’s not all. There’s also the Polar Nights phenomenon, which means 24 hours of darkness. It occurs in the polar circles, so Sweden would be a good place to experience it.

Scandanavia Northern Lights

Northern lights make Scandanavia a tourism hotspot

The unique city spots

 Most of Scandinavia’s famous cities offer plenty of history. There are many museums and other historical sights located here. You can visit Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo to experience the history of Scandinavia. You can also visit Reykjavik for a rich experience of Scandinavian culture and history.

The weather is absolutely amazing throughout the year

It rains and snows throughout the year. If you want to experience proper rain then you should visit in the month of September. Snow does happen but you will have to be lucky enough to experience the snow staying up to your knees. The best time to visit for the snow would be from the Months of December.

The outdoor festivals

The locals hold plenty of festivals in the summer months and most of them take place outdoor. Since it is cold throughout the year, the Summer is the best time for this. Almost every weekend there will be a festival that takes place. You can find some great music and food at these festivals and you will be able to meet the locals.

Scandanavia tourist hotspot

Beautiful architecture makes Scandanavia a tourism hotsport

All the great recreational activities that can be done here

Most tourists look forward to visiting Scandinavia because of all the fun activities that happen here.  The most famous of them include whale watching, where you can spot blue whales, humpback whales, orcas, and Minkas whales. There are special safaris where you can swim with the whales. The next famous spot would be Legoland. This theme park uses over 350 billion lego pieces and every single detail.

These are some of the things that really make Scandinavia as popular as it is. So, remember to add them to your checklist when heading there!

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