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When making the Power of One Backpack, Gaard One Company wanted to make sure would be adventurers were equipped with everything. That is why they attached a collapsing kitchen sink to the backpack. They actually did not do this, but it seems like they covered all bases for what people on an outdoor adventure would need during a day hike.

Gaard One backpack

Sitting on the Gaard One backpack by a lake

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What is the Power of One Backpack

The Power of One Backpack is a new design from Gaard One that will sweep the outdoor world by storm. Hikers will never run out of power again. They will also not have to worry about their car battery dying, having a comfortable seat, and not have to worry about being caught in the dark. They will also have a place to wash their dishes. Oh wait, the kitchen sink attachment did not make the cut for included features. Perhaps the Power of One.1 will have that update.

Gaard One preserve wilderness

Help Gaard One preserve places like this by purchasing the power of One Backpack

Adventure travelers who purchase the Power of One Backpack will also enjoy the solace of knowing they are helping preserve the wilderness. For every one dollar raised, Gaard One will preserve one square foot of wilderness. If you purchase a $250.00 backpack, that is basically a patch of wilderness the size of a school bus.

Power of One backpack

Trying out the Power of One backpack

The backpack

The most important feature of the Power of One Backpack is the actual backpack itself. One look and feel and there is no denying it is a quality piece of equipment. The pack is water resistant, the fabric is lightweight, 35 liter carrying capacity, sternum strap for stability, and comfortable padded straps. It is comfortable to wear and nice looking as well.

Power of One stool

Using the Power of One Backpack folding stool

Fold out stool

Attached to the side of the pack that nestles against your back is a fold out stool. One of the biggest problems ever facing people who go outside is where to sit. Many chairs have been made to make this issue easier to deal with, but the Power of One backpack is the first that I am aware of that actually is attached to the pack itself. Lightweight chairs take up space in the backpack. Most chairs do not fit in the backpack and carrying them is awkward.

Solar panel

The solar panel for charging phones and anything with a USB

Solar Panel

I have tried numerous solar charging devices and they have all been disappointments. The Power of One backpack comes with an 11 watt powered trip paneled device with a female USB connector. I was able to charge my phone up in a little over an hour, which is much more efficient than any other solar chargers I have tried. Most I have used either did not work at all or only worked for a very short time and then went kaput.

Gaard One multi tool

Gaard One multi tool – In this picture you can see the compass and the starters for the car battery.


The multi tool is a power bank that has four USB ports and can even power up your car battery if it dies during your hike. It is necessary to power up the multi tool before the trip, but once powered, it will definitely last for the duration of the hike. This device can power up your phone, camera, and even start your car. I was unable to figure out how to charge my 2015 Apple mac, but that appears the only device it does not support.

The limit of the Power of One

The Power of One Backpack is designed as a day backpack, so the power is not intended to last on a long wilderness trip; however, the pack would be useful on a long trip. The solar charger will keep you in business charging anything with a USB port.

Rainbow trout fishing

I sure wish I had the Ower of One Backpack for this picture and be able to comfortably sit

Who would enjoy the Power of One backpack

Anyone who goes outdoors would enjoy the Power of One backpack. Here is a list of just a few groups that would benefit the most from the pack.

  • Travel bloggers who need to stay juiced up
  • Fisherman needing a place to sit while casting the shoreline
  • Families who need to be sure the car starts when going home
  • New adventurers unsure of their skills who fear getting lost
  • Anyone who goes outdoor with a rear end
Power of One wilderness

Anyone who likes to sit during their wilderness experience will enjoy the Gaard One Power of One Backpack

The only outdoor adventurer who will be dissatisfied with the Gaard One is the one looking to wash their dishes in it. The Power of One Backpack does not include a kitchen at least in the original release. Anyone else will be thrilled with all the bells and whistles found in the Power of One Backpack.

To purchase your Gaard One Power of One Backpack and help preserve the wilderness click on the link.


I received a complimentary Power of One Backpack for this review; furthermore, the above link is an affiliate link where I receive a percentage of the sale if anyone purchases. These facts did not impact my thoughts on the backpack. I think it is a great idea and plan to use it often in the future, and I think would make a great addition to your outdoor adventure gear.

Adventure on!

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