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When you feel tired of your work and studies, giving online lessons like English tutorvia Skype, passing exams, it’s time to take a vacation and travel the world. Many people agree that travel is not a luxury but a necessity and is extremely good for your health. And there is nothing like adventure travel which liberates the soul and improves your emotional, mental, and physical state. Everyone deserves a good adventure. Here are 6 reasons adventure travel is good for you. Keep reading and start planning your new adventure.

Amazon River boat

Traveling the Amazon River in Colombia

You improve physical health

Low oxygen level and constant stress increase acidity level within your body. This may result in serious diseases, poor endurance, impaired fat loss, and more. During adventure travel, we are active outdoors, we breathe natural fresh air, especially, when we are in mountains, and it reverses this unhealthy state, protects our bodies from illnesses, and makes us stronger and healthier.

Corcovado Surcos Tours

Hiking and staying fit in Costa Rica

The outdoor physical activity also regenerates our body.  We increase blood flow, release endorphins, and boost exposure to vitamin D that protects our DNA. We become happier and healthier.

Doctors often make park prescriptions for different conditions that range from obesity to heart disease. Adventure travel can help prevent a broad range of health problems.

Besides, adventure travel helps you develop a strong immune system and prevent inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, and allergies.

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Having fun while traveling helps mental health

Adventures improve your mental health

Studies reveal that active lifestyle prevents anxiety disorders and depression. In many cases, it can help reduce symptoms in already unwell patients. Adventurous holidays stimulate both your mind and body equally and contribute to your overall good health.

Studies show that even planning a trip can make people happier. When you know that your holidays are on the horizon, you experience joy, feel more positive about your economic situation, your overall health, and your quality of life.

It’s important that adventures are beneficial for people of all ages. Everyone can stick to life to this activity.

Archeer backpack review

Enjoying views like this makes you smarter – Sounds like a win-win

Outdoor activities can make you smarter

Research shows that walking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing can help increase activity in the hippocampus which is the brain’s major “storage unit.” Generally, as people grow older, hippocampus gets smaller. That’s why they start experiencing memory loss in their 50-s. Physical activity outdoors can cause a specific chemical reaction in the human body that actually increases hippocampus. In the experiment, a group of adults in their 50-s took regular 40-minutes walks a week for a year and that resulted in increasing hippocampi by 2 % on average. As a result, their retention improved. Adventurous travel can keep you mentally sharp for years.

Dos Brazos bus stop

Waiting for a bus in Costa Rica – Navigating the transportation system in a foreign country is no easy feat and builds new skills.

You learn new useful skills

A trip abroad is the best way to brush up on your skills. When traveling, you will face challenges and will need to develop new skills to deal with these challenges. You are sure to learn new skills and grow as a person. When traveling, everyone deals with culture shock. It provides an opportunity to prove yourself and prove you are capable of doing a lot of things you hardly knew you could. You can learn how to communicate with local people using a language app, make 7 different types of ropes, cook a delicious meal of tuna, in any case, you learn something new and develop your cognitive skills. You can use these skills later in your life when you return home and they can change the way you live.

Halong Bay Vietnam

Making new friends in Vietnam

You make new friendships

When people are experiencing challenges together, they typically become closer. They share trials and triumphs and get great memories. They get a greater understanding of each other that is impossible to build in a few weeks under different circumstances when you are in your comfort zone.

Black caiman Amazon River

Investing in the local economy by taking tours

Travel helps save the world

When you travel to the most untouched and remote places, you invest your money into the local economies and help preserve the natural environment. Adventure travel destinations are typically in the poorest countries of the world and ecotourism helps these countries preserve their land. Adventure travelers support their efforts with their money.

These are some of the key reasons why adventure travel is good for you. So, don’t wait any longer, but plan your trip and experience an adventure!

Adventure on!

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