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Over the last 4 years I have traveled extensively throughout Europe. No matter how many places or cities that I visit, there is always something that keeps bringing me back to the French capital, Paris. For me, there is just something in the air of this city that really gets under my skin. Perhaps it is the style, the class or the romance, whatever it is, I will never get bored of wandering around this beautiful European city. I love checking out again and again, these four Paris tours.

Paris attractions

Paris attractions number one – The Eiffel Tower

Because of the amount of time that I have spent in the French capital, I have experienced pretty much every tourist attraction that there is. I wanted to give you a quick countdown of the sights which I consider to be the best value. Here they are if you desire to visit the amazing city.

Countdown of the Top Paris Attractions

1 – Eiffel Tower

In first position is of course the iconic Eiffel Tower. The huge steel structure dominates the Parisian skyline. It can be seen from all four corners of the city. If you want to go to the top of the tower, you have two options in front of you depending on your fitness levels. The first option is to pay $8.30 and embark upon the 704 step climb to the top, the second option is to take the elevator for $9.50. From the top of the tower you will have magnificent views of the city and beyond. Climbing the tower is not a prerequisite however and you can just enjoy the grandeur of the tower from beneath it.

2 – Louvre Art Gallery

I first went to this famous art gallery with its glass pyramid entrance area, for the same reason as most tourists go, to see what is widely considered to be the most famous painting of all time, the Mona Lisa. I am not a great art lover but felt that this was one painting which I should make the time to visit. The Mona Lisa was pretty underwhelming but the rest of the vast collection of works on display absolutely blew me away. Prices to go in to the museum is just $10.70 which is highly reasonable price for a famous art gallery in the middle of one of the world’s most famous capital cities. Even a non-art lover will enjoy this museum and it is well worth making the trip.

3Disneyland Paris

I guess we are all big kids at heart and for that reason; Disneyland Paris makes for the perfect way to spend a couple of days either with your family, friends or your partner. Isango will set you back $39 per day and this gives you full access to the park and all of its amazing rides, for the duration of the day. There is so much to explore and experience in the park that I would really recommend that you spend at least 2 days here and if you are able to, staying in the Disney hotels on site is an experience which you will never forget.

4 – Notre Dame Cathedral

Many of the Paris tours that I used to go on were very boring and mundane and in reality, I learned very little from them. One exception to this rule was the tour which I took around the Notre Dame cathedral, a fascinating building and a tour which provided some highly interesting information about the structure and its history. You can see Notre Dame from many parts of Paris but the best way to experience this intricate and beautiful building is to get inside and see it for yourself.

What are your favorite attractions in Paris? Let us know in the comments section below.

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