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Hiking in the hills and valleys of Appalachian Trail is an achievement for many. Appalachian Trail also known as Appalachian National Scenic Trail is marked as the hiking trial in US. This 2,000 miles trial passes through many cities. If you’re planning for the hiking trial to this location, there are certain things you must carry along that can help in camping. Although, there is a difference between backpacking Europe vs. backpacking the Appalachian Trials, the later gives a complete backpacking camping activity. This article has listed some essentials for camping at AT.

Appalachian Trail

National Geographic Appalachian Trail map guides – The iconic white blaze of the Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail packing tips

  • Shelter: Many hike and camp at AT using tent for easy stay at the night. However, there are more than 250 backcountry shelters, which are on the basis of first come and first serve. If you arrive at the shelter which already has the capacity, then you need to check for another shelter. If you couldn’t find any then living under the tent is the best way to enjoy the camping.
  • Furniture: Camping furniture that is used during the camp stay is very essential to carry. These include reclining chairs, tables and chairs which are designed for camping purpose. Using this camping furniture can help you to have easy and comfortable stay during the camping.
  • Sleeping Pad: A good night sleep is essential while camping for next day physical performance. So the need of right sleeping pad is essential that has soft cushion and is light weight. Make sure to buy from the reputable brand.
  • Clothing: Whether you’re backpacking for Europe or camping at the AT, carrying some good clothing along is essential. Hikers need clothing that is appropriate for hiking and trailing. You can check out online to browse across various hiking and camping cloths that can really be easy to carry along. However, makes sure that they are not cotton materials. Cotton absorbs moisture and sticks to your skin.

Appalachian Trail tips

  • Footwear: For camping and touring at the trails, there is a need to right footwear. Heavy leather boots and trial runners are essential to carry along. Also go for the larger size shoe or runners that can easily fit to your toe.
  • Carrying Enough Water: Water is essential when it comes to trialling and hiking at AT. Consider carrying reusable water bottle and hydration reservoir that will certainly help in keeping body hydrated.
  • Guidebook: When in a trial having a guidebook is always helpful to get knowledge of nearby places. Maps offer details about surrounding terrains to avoid getting lost. You can check for guidebook online that provide details about Europe and Appalachian Trail.

There are many other things to consider while going for AT and stay at the camp. You can check out online to know more about the camping and other things to enjoy.

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