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Sharing traveling experiences and travel writing tips

There can be no doubt that most kinds of traveling experiences is very exciting and because of this there are many people who may be very interested to read about the experiences which a person may have had. Unfortunately not everyone has the necessary skills to tell about their experiences in an interesting and captivating way. Therefore, even though the experience might have been extremely exhilarating the chances of that story being published is simply not very good because of the inability of the person to share those experiences in writing. These writers need to read about travel writing tips. Successful travel writing should be done according to a well devised structure.  This will mostly consist of three parts such as a beginning, main body, and conclusion.

Travel writing tips

Everyone could use travel writing tips

The opening paragraph of any travel story is crucial.  According to research, it is very important to hook your audience with the first 35 words.  If this is not done the chances of capturing their attention is slim. For many people in Western countries the prospect of visiting Africa has been one of the most exciting travels of their entire lives. However stating this aforementioned fact is not a very good first sentence. However, mention of a visit with a tribe of Kalahari Bushmen will definitely lure reader’s interest.

Giraffe big five social media safari

Interesting photos compliment travel writing tips – Photo courtesy of Stay Adventurous

Stick to the basics

Do not inundate your readers with a whole lot of very dull background at any point, but especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, this mistake will stop readers from focusing on the interesting meat of the article. Readers who are not immediately drawn in will simply move on.  Start with excitement and action in order to captivate the audience in first couple paragraphs.

Some travel articles make use of a simple chronological sequence. Others  will focus on a couple of scenes or explanatory stories. They may have been that very exciting evening around the campfire in the presence of a professional hunter. He might have told fascinating stories about close encounters with dangerous animals.

Smoky Mountain bear encounters -

Close encounter with a bear in the Great Smoky Mountains

You may choose these nuggets in your own order of importance. For those travelers who may not be good writers, there is so much information available online. One resource is professional writing services such as which may be able to provide the writer with professional advice and assistance in order to communicate more effectively.

It is important to build a measure of excitement

Select a few of the best tales to create immediate impact in order to captivate their attention with the first sentences of the opening paragraph. That initial success must continue to convey the excitement of the entire experience. In order to keep the story flowing, at times the writer will include details that are not incredibly interesting. However, one should minimize these pauses so that the momentum rolls forward.

It is also a good idea to conclude each experience with a short lesson regarding a discovery that had an impact on the traveler. The typical ending where we live happily ever after or where the characters are walking in the direction of the sunset always works, but a more powerful ending that touches on more universal truths will have a more lasting effect.

Share some personal benefit

Life is about growth, dealing with change and emerging after those experiences as a better and stronger individual. The personal discovery does not necessarily need to be your own. Writers can also share the  transformation which has occurred in someone else’s life. Travel provides a fresh perspective and allows a person to look at their surroundings with more objectivity. This can lead to a new revelation or understanding of some of life’s truths in a completely new way.

Sharing these revelations in an interesting and captivating way with your reader can provide a satisfying experience.  In consequence, these truths will resonate and inspire the reader.

For those travelers who may not be good writers, there is so much information available online. Professional writing services assist the writer with professional advice and help them to communicate their experiences with their readers.

Adventure on!

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