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Lumberjack Adrian Flygt chops 1,000 to 1,500 logs per season. This is in preparation for the 10-12 lumberjack competitions he takes part in each year. With that type of rigorous training, hungry lumberjacks need to eat. Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew is the perfect option because it is a quick and hearty option.

Dinty Moore® stew

Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® Stew because lumberjacks need to eat

I can relate with hungry lumberjacks

Chicago Marathon training

I can definitely relate to the training lumberjacks go through. I am currently training for the Chicago Marathon. I eat a lot of pizza because it is quick and easy after a ten mile workout. I do not have the energy to sit over a hot stove after running ten miles. It is really easy to just pick up the phone and call a pizza delivery man.

Chicago Marathon

Need a lot of Dinty Moore to get me to 1,000 miles, so I can reach my goal

I just surpassed 500 miles this year, and I think I may have eaten 500 pizzas. I do live in Chicago you know. I am known by first name at several local pizza joints. While pizza is a great source of protein and especially tasty, one should not live on it. I have eaten and enjoyed Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew in the past, but it has been awhile since I have picked it up at the grocery store. Therefore, I plan to follow Adrian’s example and eat a hearty stew when famished.

Outdoor adventure travel

While I have never cut down trees or rolled on a log, I have used a saw in the woods many times in preparation for campfires, so I can imagine how exhausting the competitions and training must be. Outdoor adventure travel whether it is hiking, canoeing, backpacking, or skiing really takes a lot out of you.

wood saw

After a strenuous work out with the saw, even non lumberjacks could use a little hearty stew

After a ten mile hike, putting up the tent, gathering wood, and all the other camping tasks, it is not easy to cook a full meal.  The easier the better after a strenuous hike, so I am definitely interested in incorporating Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew into my outdoor adventure cupboard.

About Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® brand

Today, from cupboard to table in minutes, Dinty Moore® products are great tasting, well-balanced meals that will satisfy the whole family. Tender beef, fresh potatoes and carrots all simmered in a delicious beef gravy make DINTY MOORE® beef stew the number one selling stew in the nation. This sure beats freeze dried food.

The lumberjack spirit has been a part of the Dinty Moore® brand from the beginning. This started with the animated character that appeared on their product labels and ads. It is only fitting that the brand is partnering with STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® for the lumberjack Series U.S. Pro and Collegiate Championships on July 15 in Chicago Southland.

For more information about the journey to becoming a true lumberjack with the makers of Dinty Moore® beef stew, visit MooreJ and join in the #MooreJacks conversation on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Take this Buzzfeed quiz and see how manly or lumbersexual you are.

Are you training for an event like a marathon, triathlon, or even a lumberjack yourself? Check out this landing page to learn more about Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew, and finally click on a video found here on Youtube.

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