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It is easy for families to get caught up in their day to day schedule and forget to relax.  Sometimes you need to take an amazing break from the daily grind and relax in a new environment with different surroundings.  Here are 4 places your family can  take an amazing break. 

Amazing break Crete

Take an amazing break at Crete – Home to stunning beaches and beautiful mountains – Wikimedia Creative Commons source Jebulon

4 Places to Treat the Family to An Amazing Break


Crete is Greece’s largest island and it has a varied terrain that ranges from fine sand beaches to stunning white mountains.  It is a great place to relax on the beach, partake in water sports or hike through the mountains.  The area is rich in archeological sites and you can visit Ideon Cave, (the birthplace of Zeus,) Palace of Knossos, and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum which hosts plenty of Minoan artifacts.  Be sure to sample the fabulous food like locally made cheese, locally grown lamb, and locally made brandy and wine. It is also home to incredible family resorts like Domes of Elounda and  Daois Cove.

Puebla Mexico molle pablano

Here is Traveling Ted making a little molle pablano in Puebla, Mexico – Eat some awesome food and take an amazing break in Mexico


Mexico is a fascinating country to visit and it boasts fascinating cultural artifacts, beautiful beaches and interesting ecosystems. You can explore through the jungles on the east coast and find both Mayan and Aztec ruins.  Try cave diving in underwater rivers or explore underground lakes that have stunning stalagmite and stalactite formations.  Relax on the beautiful beaches, and try out some of the food that Mexico is famous for.   There are plenty of all inclusive resorts that make budgeting on your trip so much easier.

Taj Mahal

There are probably 200 people in this photo and it is a safe bet that at least half are travel bloggers – Wikipedia Creative Commons


India is a great place for the family to visit.  With   five thousand years of history, it is a fascinating blend of old and new.  Visit Delhi, the capital city, and explore the many sights of this vibrant city including The Red Fort, and The Lotus Temple.  Take an overnight bus trip to Agra and see Taj Mahal, India’s most iconic attraction.  There are so many rewarding things to do together as a family in India.  You can visit an ashram, volunteer in villages to help teach English to children,   or explore temples, mosques, and churches. There are plenty of places to relax as well. Goa and Lakshadweep are great beach areas on the south west coast and the Andaman Islands are a great place to visit on the south east coast.   India has 29 different states and each region has different styles of food.  Be sure to sample the local food and try different things.

Antonio Gaudí's Casa Miyà Barcelona

Antonio Gaudí Casa Miyà in Barcelona


Spain is a great place to take your family on a break.  It has one of the cheapest car rental rates in Europe so you could rent a car and hit the open road.  Head to Barcelona where you can see the wonderful architecture of Antoni Gaudi or visit the Picasso Museum.  Barcelona also has one of the best beaches in Europe so spend a day in the sun relaxing.  Be sure to head to Montserrat to view the beautiful Benedictine Abbey.  Madrid is the capital city and it has many beautiful parks and outdoor sculptures.  Don’t forget southern Spain. A trip to Gibraltar to see the rock should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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