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I was thrilled to get my hands on the PACK. This device helps organize the items in your backpack, so they can be easily found. Then when you arrive at your destination, you can use the PACK to hang all your items in one simple step. This is why the PACK is the ultimate backpack gear organizer.

Pros and cons of the backpack

A backpack has always been my preferred mode for travel whether I am on the go internationally or backpacking in the great outdoors. In fact, it has been my only piece of luggage. I have had a few duffel bags that I use on road trips for carrying additional clothes, but I have never owned a suitcase or an expensive piece of luggage.

PACK backpack gear organizer

The ultimate backpack gear organizer – The PACK next to my backpack

I have always loved the ease of carrying a backpack. There are no wheels you have to fiddle nor do you have to bend at a weird angle to get the suitcase on wheels moving. There is no awkward handle that pulls your body out of whack and makes you tilt to one side unless you are carrying an equally heavy piece of equipment in the other hand. You just throw the backpack over your shoulders and go. Plus, the backpacker just looks cooler in my opinion. A person with a backpack on is more aesthetically pleasing than a traveler rolling something behind them.

Big Bend Chisos Mountains

I will take the backpack look any day

This does not mean that the backpack is without frustrations. Most backpacks only have one opening. If you are looking for the t-shirt that somehow descended to the bottom of the backpack then you need to pull every item out until it is found and then place everything back in.

Another frustration is when I get to my location, I usually just take everything out of the backpack and throw it around the floor. I am too excited to spend five minutes and organize everything because I have arrived and it is time to go. Now I have a pile of clothes on the floor. Every time I need something I need to dig through the pile.

Enter the PACK – the ultimate backpack gear organizer

The PACK kills two backpack banes with one multi-compartment storage. First, it organizes everything neatly in the separate flaps and then slides like a glove inside your backpack. Then it slides just as easily out. The PACK has hooks that fit perfectly in the closet. In one fluid motion you can pull the PACK out of your backpack and hang up in your hostel or hotel. Now you are ready to go and anytime you need something new, it is easy to find in the closet. When it is time to leave, you just stick it right back in the backpack and it is time to roll.

Although the PACK is perfect for the inside of a backpack, it could fit into any piece of travel luggage. Glampers and luxury travelers can rejoice because something this useful cannot be pigeon holed to just backpacking. The PACK is light and made out of durable nylon material resistant from tearing. Light, useful, handy, durable are catch words that work for any traveler.


PACK – the ultimate backpack gear organizer hanging in a Bismarck hotel

I used mine on a road trip to North Dakota recently and I found it incredibly useful. I found it to be the ultimate backpack gear organizer that could fit into any traveler’s baggage. No longer will I tear up my backpack to find that elusive sock. I am psyched for it to be in backpack for years to come. Let it be the ultimate backpack gear organizer for you too.

Adventure on!

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