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I consulted the Travel Wisconsin fall color report for peak leaf season Wisconsin. It appeared fall foliage would be ideal in northern Wisconsin for Flambeau River canoeing during mid October. Other options included the Great River Road or Door County, but I settled on the Wisconsin northwoods. A mid September paddle would definitely be premature for fall foliage.

peak leaf season Wisconsin

Flambeau River Canoeing shot at the put in with fall colors behind me during peak leaf season Wisconsin

The road trip commenced Friday night through southern Wisconsin, and I camped in the Chequamegon-National Forest. The national forest campground allowed me to wake up and arrive in the towns of Philips and Lugerville in order to arrive at the outfitter on time.

Arrival in Lugerville, Wisconsin

Dave from Flambeau Sports greeted me at 7:30 a.m. We tied the canoe on top of my car with sponge blocks, and he provided me with a map. The he said “see you tomorrow at 2 p.m.”

Flambeau River

Flambeau River canoeing – Flambeau River sports canoe on top of my car at Nine Mile Creek boating access


Right away it was evident that the colors would be outstanding. The fall color map did not fabricate. I gazed across the river and the river bank and I was nearly blinded by the fiery colors. I have heard of snow blind, but is there such a phenomenon as foliage blind?

The downstream vista provided even more scenic beauty. I loaded the canoe and feasted my eyes on the glory of autumn in Wisconsin.

peak leaf season Wisconsin

Flambeau River canoeing during peak leaf season Wisconsin

Flambeau River Canoeing during peak leaf season Wisconsin

Viewing fall colors proved so spectacular that I did not even want to continue. I inched downstream at the same rate as the musky fisherman drifting downstream casting their fly rods.

Flambeau River Wisconsin

Canoeing Flambeau River with beautiful orange colors galore

The itinerary and objective was Oxbo Campsite. The Flambeau River State Forest description noted it was on the water and scenic. The campsites along the river are free although they limit canoe campers to only one night.Flambeau fall foliage peak leaf season Wisconsin

Flambeau River Canoeing – Beautiful fall foliageOxbo consisted of three separate camps. All three were unoccupied. This vacancy came as no surprise as there was a paucity of paddlers on the water.

Dave said he thought all the other canoe rental spots in the area were already closed, and I was the only person renting from him this weekend. It amazes me how people shut down their camping, hiking, and canoeing activities after Labor Day.

Flambeau River canoeing peak leaf season Wisconsin

Flambeau River canoeing

Camping at Oxbo Camp in the Flambeau River State Forest

I set up camp at the Oxbo Camp and got my firewood ready for the night and then watched a spectacular sunset unfold. The sunset was so incredible that when the sun’s last rays in the west reflected off the clouds in the east, it turned the whole eastern horizon a purplish pink. I have never seen such beauty from a sunset on the opposite horizon.

Flambeau sunset

The pink eastern horizon during an amazing sunset – Flambeau River canoeing

Once the sun set, I enjoyed a campfire and several beers as well as several roasted hot dogs. The weather, even at this time of the night, was perfect. The night before got kind of cold. It was in the upper 30s when I left the National Forest campground.

Oxbo Camp Flambeau

The Oxbo Camp was as beautiful as advertised – Flambeau River Canoeing

The night I camped was cool, but not freezing nights. Just what one would expect from camping in the fall. I enjoyed warm sunny days while paddling, which is preferable to sunny days and cool.

I woke up the next day and had breakfast and rolled out of the campground. To my horror, it was past 10:30 when I finally got on the water. I had 10 miles to go, and I said I would rendervous with Dave at 2 p.m.

Flambeau River

Flambeau River canoeing – Even when the colors were not brilliant, the scenery was still beautiful

Paddling my rear end off

I paddled my rear end off for the next four hours. Although the shoreline was still beautiful, the trees were not as colorful as the beginning. There were a lot of pine and also some trees that were kind of a washed out yellow.

I came to a spot where the river widened and there were a lot of little islands. This looked like a good spot to check out the map. I realized I was less than a half mile from the pick up point, and I had about 20 minutes to spare.

Flambeau River canoeing

Flambeau River canoeing – The end of the line for me on this trip at Babb’s Island

I emerged around a corner to find Dave waiting for me. I arrived at the take out at 1:58 p.m. He shook his head and said “in 31 years in the business, I think you are the second person who has ever been on time.” I raised my fist in triumph.

Flambeau River Wisconsin

Most of the trip was windy, but this stretch was like a mirror

Recommend this stretch especially during peak leaf season Wisconsin

I enjoyed the Nine Mile Creek to Babb’s Island trip with the Oxbo Camp as a perfect midpoint. I also highly recommend working with Flambeau Sports. It was $35.00 a day for the rental and $55.00 for the ride.

The nice thing about renting with Dave is he will let you take his canoes anywhere. There are a lot of great rivers in the area, so his outfit is a great place to explore the Flambeau and beyond. I hope that you will be the third person on time in Dave’s illustrious career.

Adventure on!