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In today’s day and age there’s a whole heap of technology to aid us with our travels. So much so that you’d probably need a backpack full before you go backpacking. We’re blessed in the fact we’ve everything from state of the art compasses to devices ideal for our in-flight entertainment.


And 2015 will be no different. There are some excellent products ready to be packed into your suitcase and taken away with you. We highlight the best gadgets to enhance your experience whether you be in the UK, the Far East, or wherever your passport takes you…

Juse travel gadgets

Travel gagdets for 2015 – Juse charger

Travel gadgets for 2015

Juse Charger

Perfect for if you’re out enjoying the Australian outdoors is the Juse charger. Gone is the need for a plug socket as the Juse uses solar power to keep your smartphone fully juiced.

It’s ideal for all those heavily relying on Google Maps to get them from A to B, using photovoltaic cells which are two to three times more efficient than what you’d find in your mobile’s battery. It not only acts as a charger, but a case too, and don’t worry it is designed to work on low-light so will even charge when you’re in gloomy London.

TP-Link travel gadgets

Travel gadgets for 2015 – TP-Link

TP-Link TL-MR3040 Router

We love this idea. There’s nothing worse than slow internet in a hotel room whether Skyping home to family or spending the evening downloading the latest apps – and you can’t have the internet cutting out on you then.

There’d be nothing worse than spending a rainy evening only for the Wi-Fi to go down. The TP-Link TL-MR3040 router solves this with ease. Simply plug your hotel’s Ethernet cable into it and up the speed of your connection and run up to five gadgets on the device.

selfie stick

Travel gadgets for 2015 – The selfie stick


Bluetooth Selfie Stick

It’s all the rage, and we know deep down, as cool as you think you might be, you love taking a selfie too. Whether it be in front of the Taj Mahal or swimming with dolphins, the Bluetooth Selfie Stick will take that to the next level.

With a shutter remote compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and LG devices amongst many others, the extendable stick and adjustable ball head and thumb screw will help you find the perfect angle to snap and share on social media.

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