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Destination for guys

Five destinations for guys – The bar is the focal point of any male trip – Wikimedia Creative Commons

Going on vacation is often viewed as the sole preserve of families and loved-up couples; however it’s becoming more and more usual to find gentlemen, either alone or in groups, jetting off to interesting new climes. It makes sense, after all. The image of the lone ranger, going off into the sunset and looking for adventure, plays large in the minds of many men who are everyday urbanites; escaping the shackles of the nine to five and experiencing new sights, cuisines and experiences. For all those lads out there yearning for some time away, we thought we’d list our favorite five cities for guys to visit in the US!

 Las Vegas

It’s well known across the world as Sin City, and in the guys’ holiday department, Vegas really doesn’t let the side down. With a massive variety of nightlife, restaurants, shows and sports offerings; plus the requisite casinos; you simply must visit the Nevadan city.


There’s plenty to do in Chicago, be it sports, night-time festivities or culture, however it’s food where Chicago excels. Steakhouses, Italian restaurants and all manner of Americana are featured in the city, great for those that love having their mouths water!


For sports fans, there’s no better place to visit than Boston. The Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox all call the city their home, and with seven championships under their belts in eleven years, fans here truly have a reason to be proud. Visitors can enjoy Fenway Park, take the Duck Tour or enjoy the multitude of bars, clubs and pubs that dot the city, and if there’s a game on don’t forget to first check out bettingsports; with a host of reviews, plus info on bookies, handicappers and all the latest in sports news, there’s no better site.

 New York City

The big apple! Take a bite with the boys on your vacation as you visit this iconic, electric city. With a huge number of museums, art galleries and other assorted cultural offerings, plus an enormous variety of bars, clubs and all the things that come with such fun activities, New York is the one. Oh, and there’s plenty of unattached ladies!


We simply had to include Miami in our list of men’s destinations! Well known for its exceedingly excellent weather, pristine beaches, party-mad culture and beautiful women, Miami has everything a guy needs for a getaway. Yes, it may not have the history, traditional culture or heritage that other cities might have, but let’s be honest, who really cares?