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A Hurtigruten Norway adventure

A Hurtigruten Norway adventure

Norway home to great winter adventure

One of my favorite winter adventures is cross-country or Nordic skiing and the homeland for this activity is Norway. I therefore feel a natural pull to the homeland of my favorite winter activity during the snowy season.

Although Nordic skiing would be my primary reason to visit Norway in the winter, it is not the only adventure to enjoy. There are other experiences one can check off their winter bucket list.  If cross-country skiing is not your primary item on your list, a great way to experience Norway is on a Hurtigruten Cruise.

Hurtigruten Norway adventure

Hurtigruten Norway adventure and the northern lights

Norway a great country to experience the northern lights

Many years ago on a camping trip in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, I was lucky enough to experience the northern lights. They were beautiful and a green shimmering light danced across the sky. I have never seen them since, and when I did see them, I never was fortunate enough to see the reds, yellows, and blues that really make the phenomenon incredible.

Time is now for a Hurtigruten Norway adventure

A cruise with Hurtigruten is a phenomenal way to see this spectacular light show. The aurora borealis is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Norway winter adventure. Other winter adventures include dog-sledding, crossing into the Arctic Circle, sailing through the Lofoten Islands, and experiencing the stunning Seven Sisters Mountains.

Hurtigruten Norway adventure

Hurtigruten Norway adventure dog-sledding

A cruise is not normally the first travel option I would consider, but adventure cruises are a different animal. Many people want more from a vacation than the traditional cruise, which is fueling a movement for a more authentic adventure experiences. In the past cruises were the domain of the Caribbean and tropical oceans and seas, but now they are cropping up in places like Alaska, Antarctica, and Norway.

Norway with its beautiful blue waters, fjords, and mountains have always been popular for cruises. Before a winter cruise would be unthinkable, but now people are wanting something different and pushing boundaries to seek unique and adventurous destinations in order to check off their bucket list items like seeing the northern lights.

Hurtigruten Norway adventure

Come sail away on a Hurtigruten Norway adventure

Hurtigruten offers numerous Winter packages that are perfect for experiencing Norwegian culture. Please see below for a description of each Winter voyage.

6-Day Voyage South
7-Day Voyage North
12-Day Roundtrip Voyage
• Cross the Arctic Circle and hopefully see the Northern Lights
• Explore the gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø
• Enjoy a wide selection of excursions including Husky Adventure, Lofotr Viking Feast, dog sledging and wilderness Adventure Camp
In Search of the Northern Lights package
• See the famous Nidaros Cathedral
• Cross into the Arctic Circle
• Visit the capital of the Arctic, Tromsø
• Sail through the stunning Lofoten Islands and the local fishing villages
• See the majestic Seven Sisters mountains

Hurtigruten Norway adventure

Beautiful northern lights on a Hurtigruten Norway adventure

Winter Voyage, Air & Hotel Packages
• Cross the Arctic Circle and Hopefully see the Northern Lights
• Explore the gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø
• Enjoy a wide selection of exciting and interesting excursions, like the Husky Adventure, Lofotr Viking Feast, dog sledging, Snow Hotel and wilderness Adventure camp

Special One-Time MS Finnmarken Voyage
• Best of the MS Fram Expedition Team on board
• Guest Lecturer Pal Brekke, Northern Lights expert
• A selection of included excursions
• Interpretive hikes with Expedition Team
• Expert presentations throughout the voyage
• Free Helly Hansen Hunting the Light fleece jacket

Astronomy Voyage
• A full tour of the Norwegian Coast and our 34 posts
• The chance to see the Northern Lights
• Lectures on board about the night sky and the Northern Lights
• A visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium at Tromsø

This article is sponsored by Hurtigruten Cruises

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