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Everyone knows about the beautiful cliffs that drop hundreds of feet into Lake Superior in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Everyone also knows these cliffs are multi-hued and extremely photogenic. The park is so well known for this phenomenon that they had the wherewithal to name the park after them.

Pictured Rocks Grand Portal Point

Grand Portal Point in Pictured Rocks

Pictured Rocks is more than a lakeshore

I was also aware that since the park lies on the coast of Lake Superior that there would be many miles of beautiful shoreline. The lakeshore and beautiful cliffs did not come as a surprise when I hiked 42 miles on the North Country Scenic Trail through the park over Columbus Day weekend. However, many facets of this park surprised me.

Grand Sable Dunes Pictured Rocks

Grand Sable Dunes in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear Dunes like dunes

When I drove the scenic H58 route to Au Sable to start my hike, I noticed dunes along the side of the road. I did not know Pictured Rocks had dunes. When I hiked the first 5.8 miles to Logslide, it shocked me to not only find dunes, but epic ones.

Grand Sable Dunes Pictured Rocks

Looking down a couple hundred feet to Lake Superior at Logslide on the Grand Sable Dunes

The Grand Sable Dunes found at Logslide that stretch along the shoreline to the east were as beautiful and impressive as any found in Sleeping Bear Dunes. I came to the scenic overlook and my mouth was agape at the sight before me and below me. The dunes dive straight down 300 feet to Lake Superior.

Au Sable Light Station

In case 300 foot sand dunes along Lake Superior do not impress you, to the west at Logslide, the Au Sable Light Station comes into view. The view of the lighthouse sticking out on a piece of land covered with colorful trees is something one would expect to find in Maine.

Au Sable Light Station Pictured Rocks

Au Sable Light Station from the Logslide in Pictured Rocks

The lighthouse is 2 miles away from Logslide. The hike here provides several perfect photo opportunities to capture the lighthouse from both near and far. This is also a great vantage point to view the dunes from far off.

Au Sable Light Station

Au Sable Light Station in Pictured Rocks


I figured the hike would be primarily along cliffs overlooking Lake Superior. Not only did I find dunes, but also many miles of remote beaches. A plethora of beautiful beaches highlight the central section of the trail in the national lakeshore. Once the cliffs begin, they dominate the shoreline; however a few beaches make an appearance in between the cliffs in the western section of the park. This makes the park a desirable place to hike in the summer as well. One could easily find their private stretch of beach and enjoy a cool down in the lake.

Lake Superior Pictured Rocks beaches

Pictured Rocks features miles of beautiful pristine Lake Superior beaches

Walk in the woods

Although the North Country Trail is referred to in the park as the Lakeshore Trail, many stretches of the trail dart through the woods. A mixture of coniferous and hardwoods line the trail with sometimes being primarily one or the other. This provides a wonderful change in case you get tired of mouth dropping views of Lake Superior. You can only take so much of those before your bones in your face get sore.

Pictured Rocks forest

Beautiful fall colors in a Pictured Rocks forest

Streams and lakes

It is not a big shock that many streams and rivers run through a park along Lake Superior. Just about every stream and river in the territory head towards Lake Superior. Hiking 42 miles along the coast, it is not unusual to have to cross several of these creeks. One of these creeks, Spray Creek, creates a beautiful waterfall tumbling over the cliffs into Superior. This waterfall is so beautiful, it deserves its own post.

Pictured Rocks Grand Sable Lake

Grand Sable Lake

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The trail begins near Grand Sable Lake. The North Country Trail wraps around the northern portion of the lake with great views including a hike through the scenic view parking lot. Kingston Lake, Beaver Lake, and Trappers Lake round out the beautiful Pictured Rocks inland lakes.

The North Country Trail through Pictured Rocks is incredibly diverse

Every three or four miles, something new and interesting breaks up the flow of the trail. Most often one finds a beautiful view of Lake Superior and a cliff, but other points of interest include a lighthouse, Grand Sable Lake, the dunes, and a waterfall.

Adventure on!

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