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Guest post written by Eric Jones

When you’re headed to San Francisco, you don’t have to give up your fitness goals. You also don’t need to lock yourself in a gym, missing out on the fun of the city. Instead, you can incorporate your exercise into your exploration. Here are the best ways to get a workout while seeing San Francisco at the same time.

Take in the View and Get a Workout

San Francisco

Image via Flickr by Threat to Democracy

If you’ve ever heard of Land’s End Park, it’s likely that you think of it as a relaxed, fun place to go for tourists. This isn’t the only benefit of Land’s End, though. If you’re trying to get a workout, you can easily work up a sweat here. Go a little further, past the well-maintained area, and you’ll find a number of dirt paths, sloping hills, and more. Here you can get your heart pumping and still enjoy the beautiful scenery. Whether you take a hike or go for a run on the paths, you’ll quickly work up a sweat.

Jog the Steps

Head to 16th Avenue between Moraga Street and Noriega Street for the workout of a lifetime. Here you’ll find the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. The beautifully painted steps are a sight to see, even if you’re not looking for a workout. Whether you make it up once or take a few turns around the iconic stairway, make sure to stop at the top for a beautiful view of the city. Before your trip, use Gogobot to find a hotel nearby, so that you have your morning workout and view close at hand.

Bike the Panhandle

If you’re interested in working out with the locals, make sure to head to the Panhandle. This park isn’t nearly as large as the more popular Golden Gate Park, but the long, narrow layout makes for a great exercise loop. You can jog, run, or bike around the park for a great workout. Circling the park is about one and a half miles, making it perfect for either a short or long run. On top of that, you can do some great people watching as others are relaxing or exercising in the park.

Row or Pedal at Stow Lake

When you’re looking for a new exercise experience, head to Stow Lake. Here you’ll be able to get in your workout while still experiencing some of the unique experiences San Francisco has to offer. At the Stow Lake Boathouse, you can rent a boat and get out on the lake. There are a number of different options, and if you want to burn some calories, consider a row or pedal boat. Don’t forget to take a picnic lunch, so you can enjoy the water all day long.

Getting your exercise while on vacation doesn’t have to be a pain. It also doesn’t have to detract from your overall trip. Incorporate your workouts into the things you want to see while you’re in San Francisco, for the best of both worlds.