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Chisos Mountains

The Chisos Mountains as they first come into view upon entering the park

Chisos Mountains in Big Bend

The number one picturesque standout spot in Big Bend National Park is the Chisos Mountains. Big Bend is in the Chihuahuan Desert in west Texas along the Rio Grande River. Out of the desert rises the beautiful rugged Chisos peaks. The highest point in the park is Emory Peak at 7,825 feet.

The Chisos Basin is the most popular spot in the park and the best place to begin either a backcountry hiking adventure or a day trip up on top of the Chisos. On top of the Chisos plateau are pine trees and meadows, and cooler temperatures prevail.

Chisos Mountains Big Bend

The Chisos dominate the Big Bend view no matter where in the park you are

Mountains verse desert

The striking difference between the mountains and the desert defines the greatness and uniqueness of Big Bend National Park in my book (or my blog). This is why it is natural to start my Big Bend coverage with a photo essay from the Chisos Mountains. I will also do a photo essay on the desert scenery and also include posts that highlight my three day backpacking adventure through the rugged Big Bend wilderness.

Chisos Mountains Texas

The closer you get the prettier the mountains get

Chisos Mountains photo essay

The Chisos Range almost looks like Yosemite here

Big Bend National Park

A rugged beauty defines Big Bend National Park

Chisos Mountains Texas

Driving into the Chisos Basin is incredible

Chisos Mountains Big Bend

At a certain elevation trees come into play

Big Bend Chisos Mountains

Looking down on the Chisos Basin

Big Bend Chisos Mountains

Every bend reveals a new beautiful view

Chisos Mountains Big Bend National Park Texas

Looking up while climbing up to the top of the Chisos

Big Bend Chisos Mountains

Hiking up the Pinnacles Trail

Chisos Mountains Big Bend

Shady trees and mountain meadows characterize the top of the Chisos peaks

Chisos Mountains Big Bend

Looking back on the Chisos while climbing down Juniper Canyon

Chisos Mountains Big Bend Texas

This is from coming down the other side of the mountains

Chisos Mountains Big Bend

Another shot coming down the Juniper Canyon on the other side of the mountains

Chisos Mountains vs. Chihuahan Desert

The mountains give way to the Chihuahan Desert

Chisos Mountains

Even in the desert- The mountains dominate the scenery

Chisos Mountains photo essay

The sun sets on the Chisos Mountains and on this photo essay


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