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Fakahatchee Strand sunset

A pretty but unspectacular start to the sunset at Fakahatchee Strand

Florida is known for great sunsets. Key West is especially famous for them. However, I never made it to a beach while I was in Florida. I was too busy exploring swamps and having river and hiking adventures. I did stumble upon a beautiful sunset though after hiking and exploring Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve.

Fakahatchee Strand Florida closes at sunset. Since I enjoyed the preserve so much I was kind of cutting it close. As I drove out towards highway 29, I noticed the sun going down on my right. I was torn between hightailing it out, not wanting to get in trouble with the rangers, or staying and watching the sunset.

Fakahatchee Strand sunset

The sun emerged from the cloud bank before disappearing over the trees

As the sun began to descend over a distant stand of cypress trees, I knew I had to stay and watch Mother Nature’s magic for another twenty minutes. I figured the park personal would understand.

The sunset started out in very unspectacular fashion, but it got better and better as most sunsets do. There was batch of low lying clouds blocking the sun on the horizon. Wisps of light stuck out, but the clouds prevented a good view. Then, the sun emerged for only a few short minutes before dropping behind a group of trees. I took a few pictures of this and returned to the car.

Fakahatchee Strand sunset Florida

Fakahatchee Sunset in full stride

Fakahatchee Strand sunset Florida

No surprise in Florida when a couple of herons fly over to join the magic at Fakahatchee Strand

Often times the sunset is best when the sun actually disappears. The sun continues to reflect on the overhead clouds and the sky turns from bright orange to pink. While in the bright orange phase, I noticed one palm tree sticking out from the rest. I thought this would be great to frame this in the brilliant orange sky. I drove further until I had this exact set up and took a few more pictures of the lone palm and the sunset.

Fakahatchee Strand sunset Florida

Close up of the orange ball as it sinks into the horizon

Fakahatchee Strand sunset Florida

Here is the aforementioned lone palm tree

Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve

A little bit closer now

Fakahatchee Strand sunset Florida

Fakahatchee Strand Sunset in all its glory

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