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The Toronto Flipkey house on Bleecker Street

The Toronto Flipkey house is a wonderful Victorian apartment rental in the historic district of Toronto along a quiet pretty tree-lined street.

There is always debate about whether a hotel or an apartment rental is the best way to lodge during a stay away from home. If you are coming with a group of friends, the Flipkey House on Bleecker Street rocks.

During our stay during the TBEX travel blogging conference a group of travel bloggers stayed at this location and we had the time of our life. We called ourselves the Real World TBEX group or RWTBEX. I think we could have had fun in any location, but the Bleecker Street house played an integral part of our good times.

The best thing about the house was it had a great communal living room where we could all hang out together, yet it was big enough where we could all go and find our own personal space. There were 6 bedrooms, so one could retreat to their room plus there was a nice outdoor back porch area as well.

Toronto Flipkey House

The living room was spacious and comfortable where we felt we could relax and be ourselves

If there would be one place where there would be conflict with ten plus people staying in one house it would be the bathrooms. With three bathrooms, there was hardly ever a line. One bathroom or shower seemed to be always open.

The one knock on the location is it is kind of ways away from downtown areas, but the neighborhood is interesting with many shops and stores including a wonderful poutine place only a couple of blocks away. It was like a $10.00 cab ride to the downtown area, so it was not too bad.

Toronto Flipkey House

Beautiful kitchen with a sweet fridge

There is no free parking on Bleecker street, but between Bleecker and Shelburne was a paid parking area that only cost $10-15 a day. In front of this parking space was a taxi pickup zone, so when you needed a ride to other locations, it was easy to arrange.

Toronto Flipkey house

A look at one of the bedrooms

The rental property runs only $275.00 – $315 a night. This is the cost of some hotels in town, so if you are sharing it with multiple people, it is a great way to defray costs. Plus you get the use of a full size kitchen with a nice fridge where you can stock it with beer and other goodies. Using the kitchen and local grocery stores is another way to cut down on costs instead of eating out for every meal.

Toronto Flipkey house

It was nice to get a little fresh air and have a beer outside on the backporch

The location features free wi-fi, so if you are like me and from the U.S. with no Canadian data plan, the wi-fi at the Flip Key house was a life source.

I have stayed at apartment rentals before, but this was my first Flipkey house. Even though we received a complimentary stay, I would not hesitate to look into Flipkey as an option for future stays in other cities. If our group paid for our stay it would have been less than $50.00 a person per night. This blows away any rate in a hotel in a similar Toronto location. If you plan on coming to Toronto with a group of buddies or with a group of couples, I would highly recommend the Bleecker Street location and Flipkey in general.

Toronto Flipkey House

In the Flipkey house you feel so comfortable you can access your inner child

As I mentioned above, Flipkey did give us complimentary lodging, but my positive review of my stay is my own personal opinion, and I feel the value of the place is well worth the price when coming with a group.

Toronto Flipkey House

Sorry to say that the Flipkey House does not come with this awesome bartender and the Confessional

Also, I cannot assure you that you will have as great of a time as I did in Toronto. I came with a group of the most fun people you will ever meet, and we bonded in an amazing way. Your friends may not be as fun as mine, but you can follow my friends on their travel blogs here:

Toronto Flipkey House

The hardest part about staying at the Flipkey House was saying goodbye when it was over

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Toronto Flipkey House

Take me home to a Flipkey Rental

FlipKey by TripAdvisor has over 200,000 vacation homes in over 7,000 cities worldwide.


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