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Twice in one day I was tagged by two awesome travel bloggers for the Travel capture the color contest. A big thank you goes out to Leigh, from Hike Bike Travel, and Leah, from Leah’s travels for the nominations.

Being from Chicago, when I first heard the capture the color contest, I immediately thought of the band that named itself after our city. On Chicago II, their second album, they came out with the beautiful Color My World, which has been a standard piano tune that every aspiring grade school piano player cranks out at one time in their life.

I owe Leah a song and travel post, so this video will serve to appease that commitment for the time being. For now it is colors.

The contest makes bloggers pare one photograph with each of the five following colors: blue, green, yellow, white, and red. I was a little distraught to find pink was not among them as I have many choice pink ones, but those pictures will have to wait for another time and another post.


Lake Kawnipi Quetico

Majestic Lake Kawnipi in Quetico Provincial Park

There is nothing quite like the shade of blue found in Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada when the sun is beating down on the crystalline waters that make up the many pristine lakes in this wilderness. The closest color I can think of is cobalt blue. When the sun is out and you have a good vantage point of one of the lakes, you just want to dive in and start drinking the water up as the views are that appealing.


Batad Rice Terraces

The verdant almost unreal green at the Batad Rice Terraces in northern Luzon in the Philippines

Having been to many green places in my life this was a tough one. Should I choose the tree covered Great Smoky Mountains National Park or perhaps Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica? They would have made good choices, but this one is easy. I have never seen a shade of green match the verdant green found at the Batad Rice Terraces in the Philippines.


Puebla, Mexico

Puebla colorful yellow building from the Historic Center

Recently in Puebla, Mexico, I was amazed to find such a beautiful city in inland Mexico. Weren’t all the places worthwhile to see found along the coast in Mexico? Puebla showed me this was not true. The colonial city reminded me of an old European city with cobblestone streets, old churches, and colorful buildings.


Palmquist Farm cross-country skiing

A cross-country ski trail in Northern Wisconsin at Palmquist Farm

Another color I had a struggle with. Being an avid skier, I have many pictures covered in white. Snow makes everything prettier. Should I have chosen ski trails in Illinois, Minnesota, or maybe wintry peaks in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah? In the end, I choose a cross-country ski trail at the Palmquist Farm in Wisconsin with snow covered pines as daylight begins to fade.



The cardinal tweeting a little Chicago for the color my world contest

Since I began this post with a shout out to my hometown, I will end it with one to my home state. The state bird of Illinois is the cardinal. I captured this beautiful red-crested bird singing a little song at Montrose Harbor in Chicago. Perhaps he was tweeting Chicago’s “Color my world.”

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