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Ritchie Lake Wisconsin

Beautiful Ritchie Lake along the Timm’s Hill National Trail

When you are hiking in the Wisconsin northwoods on the Ice Age Trail, or any trail in this gorgeous state,  you will not have to walk far to see a beautiful stream, pond, lake, or view. The Timm’s Hill National Trail is no exception.

The Timm’s Hill National Trail is actually not on the Ice Age Trail. It is a ten mile trail that links the Ice Age Trail in Taylor and Price County just north of the town of Rib Lake, with Wisconsin’s highest point: Timm’s Hill.

Timm's Hill National Trail

Signage off of County C for the Ice Age and Timm’s Hill Trail parking and trailhead

To walk this trail, you can park in the Rib Lake Trails off of County C. Click on this map for directions. The trailhead is just north of Rib Lake. It is only a short jaunt into the woods to the trailhead for the Timm’s Hill Trail. It is then a ten mile hike to Timm’s Hill. This would be a great hardcore day hike back and forth to Wisconsin’s highest point.

Timm's Hill National Trail Wisconsin

The Timm’s Hill Trailhead in the Rib Lake Trail system

For those who do not want to walk twenty miles in one day, there are other options. You can drive to Timm’s Hill and hike 300 yards to the tower, but that is a post for another day.

On my way back from Nekoosa’s Walleye Days, I decided I wanted to do some hiking before I returned home. Wanting a little more than a 300 yard hike to the tower, and a little less than a 20 mile hike back and forth along Timm’s Hill, I settle for a two mile hike up to Ritchie Lake and back.

Wisconsin northwood lakes are gorgeous, but many of them are cluttered with summer homes, motor boats, and other recreational activities. It is great to find one surrounded by pines with nary a home and person to be found. Ritchie Lake is that kind of lake along the Timm’s Hill Trail.

Timm's Hill Trail Wisconsin

A light in the forest along Timm’s Hill

The trail is well maintained with a wide swath cleared in the forest.  There are red markers and arrows that help keep the hiker on the right trail.

Being near the Ice Age Trail, the section is glaciated, so it means plenty of ups and downs. This does not mean it is overly difficult though as there are some flat sections as well. In fact, the first two miles to Ritchie Lake are the flattest section on the trail, so this day hike would be ideal for families. The trail becomes progressively hillier as it reaches Timm’s Hill at 1,951 feet.

Ritchie Lake Wisconsin

Ritchie Lake along the Timm’s Hill National Trail

The trail at Ritchie Lake has a bench to sit and rest and enjoy the lake. There is also a clearing, so you can walk up to the lake and take pictures.

Timm's Hill National Trail WIsconsin

Pond along the Timm’s Hill National Trail

The trail is open to horses from May 1st to November 15. It is open year round to hikers, bikers, and in the winter, skiers. The trail is groomed for both classic and skate cross-country skiing.

Next week we will progress to the top of Timm’s Hill!


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