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An adventure travel quickie at the bean

An adventure travel quickie taken off the reflection from the bean in Chicago

Sometimes when on an adventure travel trip there is not enough time to experience a city, park, or any destination to its maximum.  Due to a transportation layover a traveler might find themselves in a city with a very narrow time frame to explore.

These small time frames to get out and experience a city are called an adventure travel quickie.  Instead of staying in a boring airport lobby and reading on an uncomfortable bench, get out and see something.  The quickie concept is not reserved for traveling as it can be applied to all fun activities.

On Sunday I got a tweet from one of my favorite travel cohorts and bloggers Runaway Juno.   She is one of the nicest people on twitter, and she is adorable.  She sent me a tweet saying she had a young lady friend rolling into Chicago and needed a quickie.  I was ready, willing, and able to accommodate the quickie: an adventure travel one that is (shame on you if you were thinking something else).

Juno’s friend arrived in Chicago at Union Station at 4pm and her train was scheduled to depart at 9pm, so we really had to get down to business.  We met at the bean in Millennium Park which is not only a great place to arrange a meet, but due to its reflection it is a place where two people can take a picture together without accosting an innocent bystander who may not want any part in photographing two people having a quickie.


Buckingham Fountain – Wikimedia Commons

From there we walked with purpose to Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park, and then the Museum area where the Shedd Aquariam, Adler Planetarium, and the Field Museum all reside. The Art Institute is also not too far away.


Beautiful Grant Park with the Sears Tower in the backdrop

For those that come to Chicago either by air, train, or bus and have a significant layover I recommend following our path.  There is also the Sears Tower (true Chicagoans will never call it the Willits) Skydeck not too far away which can easily be reached.

Those that want a taste of Chicago deep dish pizza can find it either at Giordanos or Pizzeria Uno, which are both within walking distance to the attractions mentioned in this post.  Another option is Big Bowl fresh Asian Thai and Chinese cuisine across the street from Uno on Ohio St.

After a whirlwind do not blink your eye tour that left us exhausted we smoked a cigarette and then headed to Union Station.  We said our goodbyes which ended the adventure travel quickie in Chicago.

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