Traveling Ted is a blog that takes readers along on my adventures hiking, canoeing, skiing, and international backpacking. Many blogs focus on one aspect of backpacking, but I tackle both the outdoor adventure side and international exploration as well.

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Adventure travel is a new catch phrase gaining in appeal.  Its popularity is based on the fact that there is such a wide variety of activities encompassed into the definition, so many people fall into the wide web of recreation that defines the word.

Canoe camping on the Wisconsin River

There are many words and phrases that have two or more meanings depending on context.  In fact in the first paragraph I used web and net, which could mean a spider’s web, a device used to capture, or the two words could pertain to the internet.  Adventure travel and backpacking can have two completely different meanings depending on the usage.

Adventure travel could refer to a broad spectrum of outdoor activities including but not limited to canoeing, hiking, skiing, orienteering, zip-lining, biking, and bird-watching.  The phrase could also mean an experience one attains while visiting a different country or culture.  This type of adventure travel is sometimes called experiential travel.

Hiking the Big South Fork in Tennessee

Backpacking also has dual meanings.  For years it was only used when describing the outdoor activity of hiking with a full backpack and camping gear in the backcountry.  It has also been hijacked by experiential travelers who use the backpack as the luggage of choice while hopping trains, tuk-tuks, and buses while they see the world.

Touring a coffee farm in Thailand near the Myanmar border

For readers of this blog they are fortunate enough to gain insight into both sides of backpacking and adventure travel spectrum.  I have been hiking for over 30 years.  My first trip was to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan with my Dad when I was 9.  Since then I have added the Grand Canyon, Big Bend, Big South Fork, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin to my regimen.  I am currently a member of the Chicago Backpackers.

Hiking with the Chicago Backpackers

In 2005 following the Asian tsunami I spent three months in Southeast Asia carrying a backpack around.  Therefore, I added both realms of both backpacking and adventure travel.  I have also done the obligatory month experience to Europe following college and have also visited Venezuela.  Recently I have been to Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

The other aspect of duality that site brings to the readers is the TV reference.  TV is of course the acronym for television, but it is also the country internet designation for the Pacific Island nation called Tuvalu at least while it remains above water.

Update: This post was my first post written when the website was listed as Traveling Ted TV and the URL was Since then the URL has migrated to Traveling Ted TV had a good run, but it has now given way to just Traveling Ted.

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