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Colombia bird hoatzin

Colombia bird photo essay

Colombia owns the distinction of having the highest number of bird species of any other country with an astonishing total of 1,871. This was a major draw for me to visit, and although I did not see them all, I did see a decent number since I visited both the Amazon region and the Caribbean […]

GoPro Birkie adventure

A Birkie GoPro cross-country ski adventure

It has been a frustrating start to the cross-country ski season thanks to el Niño. It was 60 degrees and raining two days before Christmas in Chicago. Even the usually reliable Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been without the flaky white stuff. Finally a the storm that brought rain to Chicago provided the long awaited snow to northwest […]

Amazon River

Colombia Amazon River photo essay

The title Colombia Amazon River is a bit of a misnomer as most of the pictures in this essay were taken from the Yavari River; however, our base for departure was Leticia, Colombia. We were also not in Colombia for most of this journey. The Yavari River is the border between Brazil and Peru and […]

Theodore Roosevelt National Park photo essay

Theodore Roosevelt National Park photo essay

Each year I try to visit a new national park or at least one I have not visited lately. Last year was Big Bend and the year before that was Isle Royale. I have actually been to both of those, but this year was a true new park as I had never visited Theodore Roosevelt […]

Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal

Montreal Old City winter photo essay

Montreal Old City leaves me speechless The Old City of Montreal left me a little speechless. It was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, but I feel like it is hard to describe for some reason. Perhaps it is because I feel pressure to come up with something unique instead of […]

Pictured Rocks fall foliage

Pictured Rocks fall foliage photo essay

Whenever I see lists showing the best places in the world to view fall foliage, I always let out a big pshaw or a dissatisfied guffaw every time any list does not include Michigan and particularly the Upper Peninsula. I have hiked several times in the Porcupine Mountains during Columbus Day and the experience always […]