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White River State Park museums, zoos, and hoops

White River State Park museums, zoos, and hoops White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis is a great urban adventure with opportunities to bike, run, see a concert, and visit a zoo. I wrote an earlier post detailing the outdoor activities available. You can even ride a Segway around the park, which is a perfect [...]

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Forlorn windmill in the Texas scrub

Forlorn windmill along a lonesome stretch of Texas highway This photo is not the prettiest shot you will see on this website by far. This comes from the desolate stretch of highway between Fort Stockton, Texas and Big Bend National Park. There is nary a town or place to stop along this lonesome stretch of [...]

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Canadian beaver pond

Canadian beaver pond beauty

Canadian beaver pond This is a familiar site across northern United States and Canada. A species once trapped to near extinction is now thriving and making beautiful ponds like the one above thanks to their crafty dam work. This particular body of water is located in Ontario, Canada near North Bay, Ontario, which is about [...]

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Bako National Park boats

Bako National Park boats at low tide

Bako National Park boats Bako National Park boats moor at low tide off the coast of this stunning national park in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Boats are the only way to get to this incredible place. Bako is on a penninsula on the island, but there is no way [...]

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Three Ontario Canada campgrounds

A Three Ontario Canada campgrounds adventure

Three Ontario Canada campgrounds On a recent road trip, I stayed at three Ontario Canada campgrounds. Once we crossed the Blue Water Bridge separating the U.S. from Canada and the U.S. town of  Port Huron from the Canadian town of Sarnia, I was without my most trusted travel tool: my smart phone. My phone instantly [...]

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Straits of Johor

Lone boat in the Straits of Johor

Lone boat in the Straits of Johor The Straits of Johor separate Singapore from Malaysia. There are also several small islands that can be found in this thin stretch of ocean. I took a ferry from Singapore to visit Pulau Ubin. In only fifteen or so minutes we were across the straits to the beautiful [...]

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4 Ways to Get a Workout While Seeing San Francisco

Guest post written by Eric Jones When you’re headed to San Francisco, you don’t have to give up your fitness goals. You also don’t need to lock yourself in a gym, missing out on the fun of the city. Instead, you can incorporate your exercise into your exploration. Here are the best ways to get [...]

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Eau Claire Gorge

A poutine waterfall adventure in Ontario

A waterfall request in northern Ontario After a couple of days of exploring Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park, canoeing, and fishing, our Canadian friends asked if we had any activity requests. We fished for a couple of hours on Long Lake, but after that our itinerary was up in the air. I asked if there [...]

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Spider monkey silhouette

Spider monkey silhouette in Corcovado

Spider monkey silhouette in the rainforest Everyone knows the key to nature pictures and photography in general is do not shoot into the sun and take as many pictures as possible in the hopes that at least one is fantastic. This photograph of a spider monkey in Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica perfectly illustrates [...]

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Smoky mountain views

Smoky mountain views can be scarce

Smoky Mountain views can be scarce Smoky Mountain views can be fleeting, especially when hiking the Appalachian Trail or any of the numerous backcountry trails. With a mountain range covered by trees, it can sometimes be difficult to find a spot while on the trail to peak through the trees. Combine the fact that many [...]

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