Blackwell Forest Preserve cross country skiing

A Blackwell Forest Preserve cross country skiing sunset adventure

When I left home for the 45 minute drive to Blackwell Forest Preserve, I hardly thought I was leaving for an adventure. The forest preserve is in suburban Warrenville, Illinois. It is only a half hour from Chicago and smack dab in the middle of a highly concentrated population. Snow finally covers Illinois Thanks to […]

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Tripsite bike tours

Tripsite bike tours rock the boat

The classic rock band Queen once sang a song about wanting to ride their bike. Perhaps they had Tripsite bike tours in mind. Tripsite is a company based out of Holland that now has bike tours throughout Europe, United States, and worldwide. The bike, childhood, travel relationship There is something comforting about a bike that […]

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Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal

Montreal Old City winter photo essay

Montreal Old City leaves me speechless The Old City of Montreal left me a little speechless. It was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, but I feel like it is hard to describe for some reason. Perhaps it is because I feel pressure to come up with something unique instead of […]

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CARE knows how cows

CARE knows how to empower

Money alone is not the solution The key to ending or alleviating poverty is not money. There is not enough charitable contributions to go around the world to end poverty in every nation, so alternative solutions are necessary. CARE knows how to empower people and works to educate them in order to break the relentless […]

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Tower Ridge Recreation Area

Playing Birkie hookey at Tower Ridge Recreation Area

It was supposed to be the week of the cross-country ski marathon. I even had a hashtag. Two countries, two prestigious races in a matter of a week’s time and an epic road trip. The plan was to ski the Gatineau Loppet in Gatineau, Québec on February 14 and then skip on over to the […]

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Colorado craft beer

Colorado craft beer winter adventure pairing

Colorado craft beer winter adventure pairing You know those swanky beer events that you would most likely look out of place at wearing a fanny pack? I am talking about beer tastings or beer pairings where  brewers show off a hand picked selection of their beer at a restaurant and pair each flavor to a […]

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Gatineau Loppet race photos

GoPro Gatineau Loppet photos

GoPro Gatineau Loppet photos After a grueling 6.5 hour epic 51 kilometer cross-country ski marathon through Gatineau Park in the Outaouais Region of Québec I was glad just to finish. I have no desire to see what place I came in. I know I was not last, but I was far from first or even […]

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Gatineau Loppet cross-country skiing

Gatineau Loppet winter frostbite adventure

Adventure travel is not always fun When you are a frequent outdoor adventure traveler, the experience does not always count as fun while in the moment. I have had a couple of these types of trips recently, most notably while hiking. I ran low on water while crossing the Chihuahuan Desert in Big Bend National […]

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Mount Royal Montreal makes it my kind of town

Mount Royal dominates Montreal skyline If you love the outdoors like me, then you have to love a city with a mountain as part of its skyline. Mount Ranier comes to mind in Seattle. Mount Royal in Montreal makes a perfect backdrop as no building is built bigger than its summit. It also is a […]

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Monteverde night walk

Bingo during Monteverde night walk

Looking for wildlife in Monteverde For two days we had hiked in the Monteverde and Santa Elena Rainforests in Costa Rica and pretty much had come up empty on the wildlife front. Fortunately, there was plenty to look at as these rainforests featured some of the most lush vegetation I have ever seen. I did […]

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