Theodore Roosevelt

Stanley trailgating after outdoor adventure

No matter how much you love the outdoors, if you are a serious outdoor backpacker, one of the best feelings is finishing a grueling hike and seeing the car and the end of the hike. You know what makes this experience even greater – trailgating. This is when you have a cold beer waiting for […]

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Enchanted Highway Geese in Flight

A GoPro video time lapse journey down the Enchanted Highway

How does one keep a small town in rural North Dakota alive when it is 30 miles off of I-94, the state’s main artery? You make that highway an Enchanted Highway. Local artist Gary Greff conceived this project and began building scrap metal art work at intervals between I-94 and the small town of Regent. […]

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Buckhorn Trail Theodore Roosevelt

Hiking the Buckhorn Trail in Theodore Roosevelt

After failing to do the Achenbach Trail, I spent the evening checking out the Scenic Drive in the Northern Unit of Theodore Roosevelt and enjoyed a beautiful sunset along the Little Missouri River. My next plan was to hike the Buckhorn Trail. I was thinking of doing both the Buckhorn and the Achenbach, which would […]

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Little Calumet River

Canoeing the Little Calumet River with GoPro time lapse

I cannot say I was overly excited about July 25, 2015. This was the day I was schedule to canoe the Little Calumet River near the Indiana border. It was more than an hour away, and I did not think there could be anything adventure wise to be found in this corner of Chicago. It […]

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LuminAID lights

LuminAID lights the outdoors for adventure travelers

One of my favorite activities for any outdoor adventure travel trip is the campfire. Unfortunately, this option is not always available. In fact, in many parks in the western United States, especially in the fragile desert regions, campfires are not allowed. On my last hike in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, I was […]

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Achenbach Trail view

Hiking the Achenbach Trail in Theodore Roosevelt

When I looked at the mileage signs for hiking in Theodore Roosevelt, the first trail I was drawn to was the Achenbach Trail. It is 18 miles and the longest trail in the park’s Northern Unit. When I visit a national park, the first thing I want to do is hike the park’s most remote […]

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Chicago River

The summer of adventure with Xperio UV sunglasses

Earlier this year I was approached by Xperio UV sunglasses to try out their product. I had to get a pair of sunglasses and then send it to them with my prescription specifications. A week or so later I got my new sunglasses in the mail. I was eager to try them out. Thanks to […]

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Melrose Lake

Finding a good campsite when needed

You can do tons of research on trying to find a good campsite, but it can be a crap shoot if you have never been there before. Also, there is no guarantee when on a road trip that the spot you want is convenient to where and when you want to stop. Therefore, it is […]

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Avoid road rage

Five ways to avoid road rage

One of my favorite methods of travel is a road trip. Although the summer road trip season is ending, the fall and winter are just beginning. I drive just as much in October to see fall foliage and in winter to cross-country ski. One thing that can mar a great road trip is a road […]

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Nestlé® Crunch®

Nestlé® in your backpack

Let’s face it, backpacking food is not the tastiest. I do not go out into great outdoors to cook delicacies over the fire. Some people put great thought and work into their outdoor food making, but I am not one to do this. I usually stick to the usual granola, pop tarts, and noodles and/or […]

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