Eau Claire Gorge

A poutine waterfall adventure in Ontario

A waterfall request in northern Ontario After a couple of days of exploring Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park, canoeing, and fishing, our Canadian friends asked if we had any activity requests. We fished for a couple of hours on Long Lake, but after that our itinerary was up in the air. I asked if there [...]

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Spider monkey silhouette

Spider monkey silhouette in Corcovado

Spider monkey silhouette in the rainforest Everyone knows the key to nature pictures and photography in general is do not shoot into the sun and take as many pictures as possible in the hopes that at least one is fantastic. This photograph of a spider monkey in Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica perfectly illustrates [...]

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Smoky mountain views

Smoky mountain views can be scarce

Smoky Mountain views can be scarce Smoky Mountain views can be fleeting, especially when hiking the Appalachian Trail or any of the numerous backcountry trails. With a mountain range covered by trees, it can sometimes be difficult to find a spot while on the trail to peak through the trees. Combine the fact that many [...]

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Chao Phraya River cruise

A Chao Phraya River cruise in Thailand

Chao Phraya River cruise as a Bangkok final On my last day in Thailand, I decided to take a Chao Phraya River cruise and visit a couple places I have already been to. I jumped the Bangkok BTS Skytrain system and got off at Saphan Taksan on the Silom line. The spot is right along [...]

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White River State Park

White River State Park outdoor attractions

White River State Park White River State Park is a unique park in downtown Indianapolis. There are no campgrounds here, no fishing, no deer and bald eagles although you might see a rabbit. It is not under the purview of the Department of Natural Resources. The park features city attractions like museums, a zoo, and [...]

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Backpacking camaraderie

Backpacking camaraderie at Russell Field Shelter

Backpacking camaraderie in the Great Smoky Mountains One thing I love about hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains is the backpacking camaraderie that exists in the shelters. Every time I have stayed in a shelter along the Appalachian Trail (AT) I have met some of the coolest people. My latest trip over the 4th of [...]

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A Ladyboy waiting for Bangkok train

A ladyboy waiting for a Bangkok train

Ladyboy waiting for a train Only in Bangkok, Thailand will you find a ladyboy waiting for a train. This picture was taken at the train stop just outside of the Don Mueang International Airport. Instead of haggling with the taxis and paying 400 baht, I spent 5 baht and rode with the people.  I had [...]

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Goose Lake State Natural Area sunset

Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area sunset

Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area sunset A Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area sunset near Morris, Illinois is a great spot to view this daily phenomenon. With unobstructed views for miles with nothing but tallgrass prairie and a few trees, one can see for miles. It helps to have a sunset framed over a [...]

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Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho temples, spires, and more

Wat Pho is number 1 on the list of temples to visit Bangkok is home to over 400 Buddhist temples. Wat Pho is perhaps the biggest, most beautiful, and most important from a historical perspective. With over 400 temples to choose from, this temple should be the first temple complex on your list to visit [...]

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Chicago Historic Bar Walking Tour

Chicago Detours Historic Bar Walking Tour

Meeting up at the Bean When you live in a city as beautiful as Chicago, you do not have to go far to experience a cool travel experience. On this day it was a matter of jumping on the brown line and heading towards the Loop. In less than an hour, I was at the [...]

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