Chisos Mountains Big Bend

Chisos Mountains Big Bend National Park photo essay

Chisos Mountains in Big Bend The number one picturesque standout spot in Big Bend National Park is the Chisos Mountains. Big Bend is in the Chihuahuan Desert in west Texas along the Rio Grande River. Out of the desert rises the beautiful rugged Chisos peaks. The highest point in the park is Emory Peak at [...]

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Remember the Alamo

Remember the Alamo and honor Texas

Remember the Alamo There are several military history spots in the United States and abroad that are so essential to the soul of America and Americans that the name alone evokes powerful feelings. Normandy, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, Lexington and Concord, and the Alamo are a few examples. These important battles highlight American resistance, bravery, and [...]

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Planet Borneo

Staying with Planet Borneo felt like home

Blogger meetup in Kuala Lumpur While staying in Kuala Lumpur, I had the great opportunity to meet with fellow bloggers David from Malaysia Asia and Mei AKA Agent Cikay from CC Food Travel. It was great to talk blogging with two pros that I have been corresponding with for over three years on Twitter. When [...]

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Great Florida Birding Trail

The Great Florida Birding Trail photo essay

Florida is the premier birding state It seemed wherever I drove in Florida on a recent road trip, I saw a brown sign indicating it was on the Great Florida Birding Trail. This is not a surprise as Florida is the supreme state regarding sunshine and birds. I don’t think it is even debatable that [...]

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Beautiful Ichetucknee River

Breaking out of a Florida cold snap on the beautiful Ichetucknee

Florida as a premier canoe state Florida is one of the premier states for canoeing and kayaking adventure. There are hundreds of miles of shoreline on two coasts to kayak on, the Everglades and Big Cypress loom in the south if you are favorable to swamps, and the state is crisscrossed with a wonderful network [...]

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Pulau Ubin adventure Singapore

A Pulau Ubin adventure offshore Singapore

Pulau Ubin adventure in Singapore After hiking MacRitchie Park, I thought the jungle trekking in Singapore was over. The friend I was staying with suggested taking a ferry to one of Singapore’s small offshore islands. It seemed like the perfect adventure. Getting there Getting there was a little bit of a challenge as it consisted [...]

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Jelutong Tower MacRitchie Reservoir

A Singapore MacRitchie Reservoir adventure

Singapore – the most densely populated country Staying in Singapore, perhaps the most densely populated country in the world, is no place for an outdoor adventure. In my three days in Singapore, I found this to be untrue. My first night started with a pleasant river cruise. The next two days were spent exploring Singapore [...]

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Hayward Wisconsin McDonald's travel tale

A McDonald’s travel tale: five lame food adventures

McDonald’s travel tale Americans and people from around the world have a love hate relationship with McDonald’s. Nobody likes it and nobody eats there, yet there is a McDonald’s every square mile, and each one is busy. Who are the miscreants that dine there? It surely is not you or me. Ok, I admit to [...]

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The Birkie and the Great Bear Chase

The Birkie and the Great Bear Chase: Comparing two great races

The Birkie and the Great Bear Chase Over the last two weeks, I have had the pleasure and pain of experiencing two awesome cross-country skiing races in the Midwest. I participated in the American Birkebeiner or affectionately known as the “Birkie” in late February and this past week I skied the Great Bear Chase in [...]

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Marina Bay Singapore

Singapore River night cruise is a perfect intro to the city

Singapore River night cruise a perfect intro Singapore River night cruise is a perfect first stop while visiting this Southeast Asian country/city/nation. Singapore is a bustling metropolis with tons of things to do, eat, see, experience. It can be a daunting to task to figure out what to do first. This is why the Singapore [...]

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