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Traveling Ted is a blog that takes readers along on my adventures hiking, canoeing, skiing, and international backpacking. Many blogs focus on one aspect of backpacking, but I tackle both the outdoor adventure side and international exploration as well.

Peru adventure

Planning a Peru adventure with

If you ever feel overwhelmed planning an overseas adventure, then definitely checkout leverages local experts to help with a vacation of a lifetime. If you are looking for an amazing Peru adventure, but feel intimidated on where to start, then the place to start is One size fits all vacation not for […]

Cariari Bed & Breakfast

Cariari Bed & Breakfast for personal touch in Costa Rica

I have visited Costa Rica three times. The first two times I stayed at Alajuela Backpackers upon arrival. They are located five minutes from the airport. I highly recommend this place, but not everyone enjoys the hostel experience.  Cariari Bed & Breakfast provides a more personal touch and service. Travelers who shy away from hostels […]

Canada Ski Marathon

Canada Ski Marathon GoPro adventure

Last weekend at this very moment, I was participating in the Canada Ski Marathon, and of course I had my GoPro filming furiously. At least this was the case in the beginning. Filming in sustained cold weather can be a challenge. The camera fogged up after awhile, and then eventually froze to where I could not […]