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Scuppernong Trail in South Kettle Moraine

Five cross-country ski destinations in southern Wisconsin

Southern Wisconsin would not seem like a mecca for cross-country skiing, but due to the glacial topography, the terrain is actually ideal. Over 10,000 years ago, the receding Wisconsin Glacier created hills and depressions called kettles and moraines which are perfect for Nordic skiing. South Kettle Moraine –Whitewater,Wisconsin South Kettle Moraine has three trail systems [...]

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Lake Kegonsa State Park

Evade the heat wave at six Wisconsin State Parks

Here are six places to escape the summer heat wave with a refreshing swim at a Wisconsin State Park. The sweltering heat, which has gripped the Midwest for the past three days is expected to intensify over the next couple of days. Wednesday and Thursday will be the worst days, and the heat wave will [...]

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Big Foot Beach State Park Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Hike then swim at Big Foot Beach State Park along Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a beautiful lake in southeastern Wisconsin close to both Milwaukee and Chicago. Due to its proximity to two populous cities, this area is often over crowded and loud during peak times; therefore, it is often intentionally bypassed by those that want to adventure travel. There is a small state park on the [...]

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