Traveling Ted is a blog that takes readers along on my adventures hiking, canoeing, skiing, and international backpacking. Many blogs focus on one aspect of backpacking, but I tackle both the outdoor adventure side and international exploration as well.

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Travel blogs I recommend

501 Places – I love the dry wit encompassed during Andy’s travels and his interesting perspective on travel.

Travel Triangle App– TravelTriangle, is an online marketplace which empowers the travelers with customized holiday packages

Adventures of a Goodman – Greg Goodman – Travel photographer and National Geographic star

Am I nearly there yet? – Eloise and Stu are a British backpacker couple, traveling the globe long-term and living life to the fullest!

The Active Explorer – Erika’s adventure travel blog with tips on hiking, caving, kayaking, and even adrenaline sports with beautiful photography.

American Travel Destination Guide – Our travel site provides information related to travel all over America.  We provide city and country guides, destinations for all budgets (including luxury & backpacker), inspiring travel photos and lists on top attractions.  We hope to inspire you to explore this wonderful region of the world and beyond.

Backpacking Diplomacy – Andy is a part-time nomad from Louisiana who has traveled over 20 countries solo

Backpacking Travel Blog – A silly couples blog from Nomadic Samuel and Audrey

Belize Adventures – A resource for travel information for Belize from Lorenzo.\

born2travel – Mark and Stefy from Italy share their passion for travel and backpacking

Brendan’s Adventures Brendan takes us all over the world to interesting places and shares it with his beautiful photography.

Budget Travel Adventures Jeremy Branham gives us tips on how to travel frugally and is rolling out an exciting new component with his college football travel tour.

Butterfly Diary -This site is an online magazine, with stories on how travel can transform one’s outlook compiled by the wonderful Charu.

Captain and Clark – Tawny met Chris while reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and we haven’t looked back since.  Together we’ve decided to acquaint ourselves with the world, and ourselves

Chicky Bus – Lisa is a travel addict whose favorite way to get into the moment is…to travel off the beaten path. It’s what she has been doing off and on for over 15 years and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cumi and Ciki – This Malaysian couple concentrates on food, but also segues into adventure and travel. The beautiful and glamorous Ciki even blogs about staying young at Cikipedia. She should know as she is an authority.

Cikipedia – From the makers of Cumi and Ciki comes a blog on healthy living. After fattening you up with their wonderful food suggestions, they will slim you down with tips on exercising and staying young.

Cycling El Mundo – Antonio & Amanda are an ordinary couple who decided to follow their hearts and turn someday into today. Now they live the life they have always dreamt of. Since January 2013 they have been riding their bicycles around the world on an epic adventure to Fulfill their dreams and global understanding.

The Downtown traveler This blog focuses on New York, but also is global with articles on traveling safely in Egypt and skiing in Salt Lake City.

Earth Torch – Travel greener with Johnny Ward who has traveled to over 100 countries, and he is all too aware of the carbon footprint that may have left.

Easy hiker – The hiking and backpacking articles in my blog are more hardcore; however, I don’t always strap a pack on and hike 10-20 miles. Sometimes I like to hike only a couple of miles and check out the site. This is what Easy Hiker is all about as it takes hikers on moderate hikes around the world although focusing on Europe.

Erika’s Travels – This blog has become a place where I can gather my thoughts and impressions of different countries. As I continue to travel, work, or live abroad in the future, this blog will be the platform from which I share my experiences with others, offer travel advice and keep a record of my thoughts. – “Pack lite, travel far, and live long” is the motto that describes the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog!

Eurotravel Logue – Jeff Titelius is the master European blogger who takes incredible photos of some of the most iconic spots Europe is famous for and many of the beaten path places you do not want to miss.

Expert Vagabond – This is one of my favorite blogs. Matthew Karsten is fearless and will take readers kayaking through crocodile country and even share how he ingeniously thwarted thieves who stole his laptop and regretted it later.

Fisher Pants – a highly popular fishing resource where you can find the best fishing locations in US, regulations, top fishing magazines and professional reviews on multiple types of products.

Flashpacker HQ – Flashpacker HQ – A resource for those who travel with the mentality of a backpacker but with more money to spend on amazing experiences, local food, and an interesting hotel or the private room in the hostel.

The Gear Hunt – Sleeping bag reviews

GQ Trippin – Just in case you’re wondering, our names are Gerard and Kieu. G for short, and Q because, well, that’s exactly how you pronounce it — Q. Together, we’re GQ — a twenty- something couple who share a common passion for all things food and travel.

Hike, bike, travel – A blog very similar to Traveling Ted as it is part outdoor adventure travel and part experential travel. A site with awesome complimentary photographs of the beautiful world we live in.

Holiday Backpack – One day, not so long ago, a group of world-weary travelers from different countries came together with a single unique concept – to create the world’s first truly multilingual travel blog

I Live to Travel – Raul has a passion for travel and seeks to share the experiences and sights with others via this blog. He hopes it also gives others ideas of places to go or dream about going to someday!  Check out his blog to see more from Raul.

Imperative Travel – Teaching you about some of the best places to travel

Jasons Travels – Jason specializes in Colorado, but has taken readers all the way to Rwanda and all over Europe.

Jetting Around – Fellow Chicagoan and former resident of Krakow, Pola’s most valued experiences involve cities, and she started Jetting Around to inspire gratifying city travel by reporting on cultural, culinary and everyday-life aspects of the places she visits.

Journey Scout – A blog about traveling the world with tips along the way

Lazy Travelers – We are two girls who have survived driving across Ireland without a valid license, sleeping on a sailboat in St. Thomas, singing along with drunken expats in a Parisian piano bar, food poisoning in Egypt, and many poorly packed last-minute getaways

Leah Travels – With a severe case of wanderlust, Leah lives by the motto, “Life is too short to live with a someday attitude.” When she’s not in Houston, she’s being groped by the TSA, getting her passport stamped, seeking out street food, and writing about it.

Life Part II – In 2011, at the age of 50, Jonathan Look decided to change his life and pursue adventures instead of comfort and possessions.

Lola’s Travels – A sassy, fun-loving, and flirtatious traveler, Lola has a flair for finding adventure and making new friends. A Frommer’s guide this is not, but Lola does spotlight exceptional places to stay, eat, shop and play in a playful, yet informative way.

The Longest Way Home -TLWH is travel blog about a wanderer who has been on the road now for many years staying in places like the Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Machu Picchu Peru – Portal for the promotion and tourism in Machu Picchu. Travel services, city tours, adventure, history, nature, gastronomy, images and videos of Machu Picchu.

The Mad Traveler – The Mad Traveler hails from Madison, Wisconsin, but spends half the time in Thailand and another part mad traveling.

The Mad Traveler Part II

Meanderthals – A hiking blog that is a series of trail reports for many of the best hikes in Western North Carolina and elsewhere.

Mrs. O Around the world – Mrs. O is not just another travel blog as she loves to travel, loves people, and loves shoes.

My Travel Affairs – Marysia dedicates her time and energy to unconventional exploring the world in search of amazing people, unique places and immersing stories…wait till you hear some of them.

Nomadic Texan – A new blog to look out for. Mike is a self professed writer, blogger, foodie and all around travel geek.

Nomadic Samuel Nomadic Samuel is the king of photographing people around the world in interesting day-to-day activities including the occasional nose-picker.

My Beautiful Adventures Andi has a passion for travel and beauty and the two go hand in hand on her inspiring website.

My Spanish Adventure — What to see in Spain while learning the lingo & living cheap

Outside Pursuits – Our objective here at Outside Pursuits is to provide you with gear reviews to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on what to buy. We also have in depth guides on how to do all of the outside activities on our site so you can enjoy the great outdoors!

The Road Dog Blog –   The Road Dog Blog is a site about travel. I’ll be sharing photos and information about destinations I’ve visited, and hopefully lots more travels to come.

Runaway Juno The South Korean Travel blogger that everyone loves for her spirit of adventure.

The Santa Fe Traveler Billie Frank and Steve Collins make this beautiful Southwest City come alive through the arts, restaurants, photographs, and adventure.

Senyorita – Mica is a blogger from the Philippines who specializes in her home country, but also blogs about Southeast Asia and beyond.

Short Travel Tips – Originally I am from Europe, but lived (and of course traveled) in North America, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. A lot of people are asking me for advice where to travel, what to see, what things they can do in different countries, so I decided start this blog to share my experience. I am not planning write long stories, but will post short tips, suggest some itineraries, routes, hiking/tramping trails, recommend places to stay and etc. I hope you’ll find it helpful and enjoy it.

The Smart Lad 100 best outdoor blogs – The name rings true as Shawn is indeed smart to include Traveling Ted to the top 100 outdoor blogs.

Smiling Faces Travel Photos– A great place to get inspired to travel and see happy people all over the world

The Solitary Wanderer

Stay Adventurous – Craig has traveled through 45 countries and 40 states and writes tales of travel and adventure to inspire others to take and make adventure in their life, and he makes “stay adventurous” his mindset for not just his travels, but his life.

Sunshine and Sails – Sunshine ad Sails is dedicated to seaborne adventures, enchanting river cruises and once in a lifetime dream voyages

That Backpacker -Audrey is the kind of backpacker you want to read for the best travel tips.

The World of Deej – A 30-something with a passion for great hotels, restaurants, golf, and the adventures of travel.

The Secret Traveller – Our award winning travel-writer has gone incognito to share some of his best kept secrets and travel tips.

When in your state – We are the young couple and we like to travel and visit cool places. The site was an idea of ours to merge our two passions, and build a travel blog which will regularly publish random Top Ten travel lists from photos on flickr.

Travelling King – Travelling King is a luxury Travel Blog that focuses on Affordable Luxury travel and fun tourist attractions.

Travel Dudes – One of the best resources for planning a trip. The Traveldudes has travel tips and photographs from travelers categorized by country for easy browsing.

Travel Destination Bucket List – The phrase – “So much to do, so little time” really resonates with Anita Mac! She has an array of varied interests to keep her busy, and needs considerably more time to do them all! No one will ever say that she didn’t give it her all! So, the question remains ….where to go next?

Travel Edits – Here you’ll find the choicest clips, snapshots and snippets from the world of online travel. Dublin-based travel writer Fiona Hilliard is the editor behind the Travel Edits desk.

Traveling Savage

Travelingteri – Teri has been circumnavigating the globe for years, exploring exotic, and not-so-exotic places, on and off the beaten track.

Travel to Peru – Delivers the highest quality vacation experiences to all our clients, creating fully customized tours to the most popular, exotic and exciting travel destinations in Peru and Bolivia.

Travelrinserepeat – John from Colorado is a business traveler, and he has spent more time on the road than at home in the last two years. He has always loved experiencing somewhere or something new.

Travel Vana – All about traveling

Travelwkly – is blog covering traveling destination around the world.

Trekking in Nepal – See why Trekking in Nepal is paradise

Wandering Albatross – Value for money’ travel rather than budget focusing on vacation travel although a RTW trip is a dream for the future.

Wild About Travel – Simon gets us excited about travel with her guest posts, daily travel photos, and great posts. First and foremost, it is the mirror of her greatest passion: travel. And the desire to share her experiences and emotions.

Wild Junket

Will Peach – Will Peach — The Gonzo Traveller

World Travel Adventures – World Travel Adventures to 100 countries – Helping people travel & see more for half the cost for all trips and safely realize their travel dreams.

The World Wanderer – Erin is a twenty-seven year old with a passion for traveling. It all started when she was younger and her first-generation American parents pushed her and her brother, Thomas, to appreciate, not only their roots, but the sacrifices their grandparents made for their family in coming to America

The Working Mom’s Travels – Welcome! I’m Francesca, and I created The Working Mom’s Travels to share my travel experiences and to prove that it is possible for a working mom like myself, who works outside the home, to still experience meaningful travel with her family.

Zubi Travel – This blog looks forward to bring you hot tips and info for having great holidays.